• When: 1/6/15
  • QIC: Mac
  • The PAX: Candy Stripe, Higgins(Respect), Boo!, FNG (John Flannigan), Slim Jim, Quest, Meatball, Wapner, Treadmill, Take-a-Number, Marinara, Finkle, Mac

No running? No Recovery!

13 Pax gathered in the gloom of Turning Point to start chipping away at those New Year’s goals. With YHC’s left foot still swollen and sore from this past weekends adventures the Pax were promised a change from the normal Mac attack which will involve little to no running. What the Pax didn’t know was that running is a recovery between painstations and no running means little recovery and more suck. After a disclaimer to the FNG and anyone else who cares to listen we balled-up for a quick prayer and went and got-er-done.

Weather: 32 and overcast…perfect gloom

The Thang:

COP – All IC

Side Straddle Hop x 20

Thru the tunnel x 20

Imperial walkers x 25

Windmill x 20

LBAC x 10 ew

Squat x 10

Merkin x 10


Hosey over to the bottom of the stairs (A Hosey is a hobbling mosey which is all YHC could muster up this morning)

Reverse bear crawl up the stairs (Crowd Pleaser!!!)


People’s Chair until 6 arrives


I just want to take this time to interject with an observation. The “6”, as we affectionately refer to the hardworking men that take longer to finish an exercise, are some hard-working guys. If I reach the top of the stairs in half the time doing my backwards bear crawl, I am spending half the time stressing my muscles. When I am finished I usually have to plank or some other form of less-than-difficult position or exercise while the “6”er is still working his butt off. When he finishes it’s time to move on. He doesn’t get the benefit of recovering in the not-so-difficult position. So if you think that you are working the hardest cause you finished first, think again, the hardest working guys in F3 hang in the “6”s. So here’s to you all of you “6”ers <drinks beer>



Mosey over to the People’s Court (My new name for the basketball court)


Grab a piece of wall

Wall Burpees x 10

Wall sit OH claps x 30 IC

What was that? Wapner is screaming for more?

Can Do…Rinse and repeat!!!

Wall Burpees x 10

Wall site OH claps x 30 IC

Did I hear more? Not Wapner again! That kid can’t get enough.

Rinse and Repeat

Wall Burpees x 10

Wall sit OH claps x 30 IC


Hosey to the top of Mt. Midway

Inchworm merkins down the hill (Another crowd pleaser and one that left me in the 6!)


Somehow Mt. Midway grew while I Inchwormed my way down it. Everytime I looked at the bottom it wasn’t any closer. That’s why I love this hill. It is the gift that keeps on giving! #UnhealthyHillFetish

LBCs OYO till 6 arrives


Mosey to the brick pile

Brick up and circle up on field

11’s with Curls for the girls and tricep extensions (10 curls, 1 tri ext. to 1 curl, 10 tri ext.)

Burp and press from 1 to 10 (a burpee with an OH press at top then add one OH press each rep)

Man makers x 10

Turkish getups x 10 each side

Goblet squats x 10

Replace the bricks now we have warmed them up



LBCs x 20 IC

Russian twist x 40 IC

6″ 3 mins on the Q


Count O’ Rama

Name O’ Rama


  • Great work by the Pax today. As always the men of Turning Point are ready to tackle anything I come up with no matter how sadistic.
  • It gets eeriely quiet when doing 11’s. It must be that math is involved?
  • I would like to petition F3Lex to add a Biggest Instigator award next year for Treadmill. He is truely a master.
  • T-Claps to Take-a-Number for leading the BOM
  • FNG name chain….I like to grill out…new smoker…loves to smoke…Cheech ->T-Claps to Slim Jim for that one.
  • Welcome Cheech, way to hang with the Pax on your first day out. Hope to see more of you in the near future.


  • Convergence at Snake Pit before the Go Run race on 2/7
  • Prayers for Treadmill’s employee’s mother and the entire family for strength as she continues her battle with cancer. #CancerSucks


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