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Pre Blast: Distance Rucking

One of my favorite F3 moments was shadowing the Columbia F3 Custom challenge last fall.  After being there 10 minutes I knew this was something I wanted to put on my 2015 goals.  A lot of the talk after the event was pax wanting to spend more time under their ruck.  I threw the idea out on twitter with great response.  So this Sunday 1/11/15 will be the first distance ruck. A brisk walk is always better with company add a little weight and you have some Good Livin’

Where: Irmo side of the dam.

When: 0530 1/11/15

What you need: You, a rucksack, some sort of weight in your rucksack.  If you aren’t ready for the weight yet come on out anyways.  A GPS tracking app on your phone to track your baseline distance.

Distance: A baseline test on how far you can go in 1 hour.

It is my hopes to hold this weekly/every other week based on pax support.  I wanted to start at a “neutral” site for all Lake Murray and Lexington pax (any Columbia pax that want to join come on!).  I would also like to once a month have a long distance ruck 10+ miles. We can figure those details out as a group.

In my mind this a very malleable workout and can adjust based on what the pax wants.

Look forward to seeing you Sunday!

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