• When: 2018-01-25
  • QIC: Brainiac
  • The PAX: Ebert, 6 Foot Under, CHiPs, Brainiac

No matter how you do it, BOMBS bring the pain

3 minutes!!! Where is everyone. 2 PAX coming in hot. Look there is a 3rd!!!

Conditions: 28

Pledge of Allegiance





IW X 10 IC

American Hammers x 15 IC


Flutter kicks X 20 IC

SSH x 19 IC

The Thang

The original plan was as follows:

Count off into a 1 or a 2. Go grab a block. Next up STINK B.O.M.B.S.  (Set 5 cones out surrounding the Shovel Flag. Pax #1 starts the B.O.M.B.S. reps at the first cone while pax #2 Bearcrawls to the center to do exercise chosen by the Q. Pax #2 then swaps with Pax #1. Work at same spoke until all reps are completed. Then move to next spoke. Q can change center exercise with each move to next spoke.

B-100 Burpees

In the middle—Curls x 25

O-200 Over Head Presses

In the middle—Rows x 15 each arm

M- 300 Merkins

In the middle—Tricep ext X 25

B- 400 Big Boy Sit-ups

In the middle—Elf on the shelf x 10 each side

S- 500 Squats

In the middle—Swings X 20

What had happened was:

The above exercises were done. We ended up starting at the shovel flag and setting up the “middle” of the spokes at the Stop sign. #1 started exercises while #2 bear crawled to the stop sign and completed the exercises. The PAX were allowed to “choose their own adventure” on how they got back to the shovel flag each time. Due to time constraints some modifications were made to the amount of reps in order to make sure we get all exercises in. If you needed to know the exact number, you should have posted. I think it is safe to safe that the upper body is pretty much destroyed for the day! Great work men.



1/26-28/18 GrowRuck http://f3nation.com/2017/10/25/growruck-08-sc-midlands-preblast/ ***MAKE SURE YOUR AO IS OPEN*** CONVERGE AT DREHER HS

P200 running on Sunday afternoons. Reach out to Ebert if you would like to join in on the fun

2/3 GoRuck Light Columbia—Sign UP

2/2018 Dam to Dam

3/2018 P200

7/14/2018 Reaper run/ruck Full and 1/2 marathon

Prayer Request

CHiPs- Mother, Wife, Neighbor, himself

6 Foot’s BIL