• When: 10-04-2018
  • QIC: Nail Pop
  • The PAX: Abner, Zacchaeus, Flipper, Big Al, Two Star, Pole Dance, Saucy (RESPECT), Dominion, Butt Dial, Escobar, Mulligan, Rainman, Drysdale, Upcharge, Net Zero, Wee Wee, and Nail Pop

Nail Pop’s 38th Birthday Q

Posted on Nail Pop’s behalf:

BOM: Prayer by Nail Pop.

Weather: Just right for a good ol’ sweat.

17 PAX posted at Surge for a 38 Special Birthday Q at the hands of YHC. Mosey to lunch lady land for a little warm-up.


SSH x 20 IC

TTT x 19 IC

Little Baby Arm Circles (Forwards and Backwards) x 15 IC each way

The Thang:

1 – Since YHC turned 38 this today, it’s only fitting that we start out with 38 burpees. The PAX got quiet quick.

2 – Line up on the baseline and pair up with a partner about your speed. The first partner starts sprinting and then the second goes when they get to the half court line. Your partner tries to catch you before you get to the other side. We ran 20 of these sprints.

3 – Mosey to the wall for some air chair – 3 sets of air chair, roughly 30 seconds to 1 minute each set (arms out).

4- Back to the basketball court for some more burpees. Since my birthday is the easiest to remember 10-4, we did 10 burpees and then 4 equaling 14 more.

5– Lineup on the sideline for some merkins and running – you start with 20 merkins and then run to the other sideline and decrease by 2 till you get to 2 merkins. 20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2= 110 merkins.

6– Lineup on the sideline for some BBSU’s and running – you start with 20 BBSU’s and then run to the other sideline and decrease by 2 till you get to 2 BBSU’s. 20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2= 110 BBSU’s.

7 – Jog around the school long ways and in front of the school as a group. YHC brought up the 6 while Wee Wee took the lead.

8 – Slo Mo Merkins – 10 on YHC’s count (up and down on YHC)

9 – Lastly to finish off the 10-4 was 4 burpees to wrap it up.

BOM – Prayer led Nail Pop. Prayed for PAX heading down with Mt. Horeb and working with a disaster relief team. We also prayed for the officers involved in the shooting in Florence yesterday evening.

We are reading a book with our youth kids called “Not A Fan”, by Kyle Idleman. The book ask the question are you a fan or follower of Jesus Christ. That’s a good question for us to ask ourselves on a daily basis. Are we taking him wherever we go, or just to the places where it’s convenient for us so we don’t get embarrassed. Just something to think about. Great work this morning guys.