• When: 2018-10-06
  • QIC: Bellhop
  • The PAX: XL: Butterbean, Skunky, Spring Break, Penthouse, Blart, Lapdog, Bluecrab, STH, Bellhop Handball: FN3, Blart, Milkman, Gerrymander, Arrears, Butterbean, Skunky, JD, Bluecrab, STH, Lapdog, Pothole, Dogpound, Olive Oil, Leadbelly, Watergate, Paintchip, Bellhop

Saturday, October 6: Week 2 of The F3LakeMurray Handball Championships & XL

Conditions: 70s and Dry.

9 pax made it out for the 0545 XL and 18 pax posted for Week 2 of The F3LakeMurray Handball Championships.  Good times were had by all.


YHC had a plan for the Q today that did not involve a lot of running.  Shortly before go time, Skunky and Butterbean show up in their running gear.  They had planned to get some miles in before handball, but said they would join the workout.  In that moment, the “routine” (as my wife calls it) was changed to a Pearls on a String WO.


SSH (IC) (15x)

Imperial Walkers (IC) (15x)

Merkins (4 count) (IC) (10x)

The Thang

Hit the streets and head for the top of the hill/driveway.  Wait on the 6.  Continue together to Ballentine Elementary School, observing the safety rules as best as possible.  We rounded up as many headlamps and reflective vests as possible before getting going.

At the school: Find the wall in the front.  Wall sit for 1.30 mins.  Rinse and repeat.  Then, 25 Big Boys (OYO).

Run to the back of the school and head to the stairs.  Time for some inverted/decline merkins.  Setting off in pairs, do 5 merkins at the top, bear crawl/crawl down 3 steps, do 5 more merkins, rinse and repeat until all the way to the bottom.  About 25-30 merkins.  Plank on the 6.

Run down the sidewalk to street in the neighborhood: 30 squats (good ones).

Run up the street towards the entrance of the neighborhood about 100-150 meters: 30 monkeyhumpers.

Run to the top of the neighborhood: 30 Iron Crosses.

Run back to Depot.  Recover.

About a mile total. Awesome teammate of the day award goes to Skunky for continually watching the 6.



Last week, Dogpound’s Blues won by 5 against Hokey’s Reds in a game played with intensity.  As the losing team, the Reds had the first pick from the previously undrafted pax.  New players such as Lapdog, Pothole, FNG (Kotters!), Blart, Butterbean, and Milkman made their way to the Field of Dreams to be selected for their new teams.  Once the draft was complete, the teams were even at 9-9.

Play got started with the new faces and the Reds got on the board quickly on a deflected shot into the goal.  Blues tied it up shortly thereafter and the scoring started getting going.  Reds got ahead by 2 and the Blues caught up and then were up at points by 1-2 goals.  Near the halfway mark, the Reds caught fire and started pouring it on.  At the 7:11 mark, the Reds were up by 4 and never looked back.  Final score: 14-9.

The Blues were their own worst enemy today with a ton of turnovers on errant passes and a bunch of drops.  The Reds had less; additionally, the Reds D was very good, particularly in the center during shooting situations and at goal (H/t Milkman).

Series tied at 1-1.  See you at The Ocho tomorrow night and Week 3 next Saturday. There are still some franchise-tag worthy pax lurking out there that have not yet appeared and been selected for a team.  Should continue to be an interesting and engaging tournament.



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