• When: 2019-11-12
  • QIC: Escobar
  • The PAX: Twerk, Scream, Bogey, Rec, Miranda, Two Star, Dominion, and Escobar

My Sandbag Broke…

8 PAX decided to better themselves this morning and beat the #fartsack this glorious morning.  With the cooler temps settling in wanted to make sure the PAX were on the move today.  Figured no better way to do that man with some sandbags and cardio.  Excited to lead the men of F3 Surge this morning hopefully this workout pushed everyone to get just a little better than yesterday.

Conditions: Low 50’s

One minute warning, Disclaimer, BOM and Prayer

Mosey to the sandbag pile and grab a sandbag and circle up…

SSH x 15IC

Sandbag Burpee x 2

TTT x 10IC

Sandbag Burpee x 2

Merkin x 5IC

Sandbag Burpee x 2

Sandbag Squat x 10IC

Sandbag Burpee x 2

Grab sandbag and mosey to the basketball courts…

Sandbag Ladder

Starting with 10 reps, work our way down the ladder to 8 reps…270 reps


Bent Over Row

OH Squat

Rotational Lift OH

Shoulder Press

Rotational Lunge


Sumo Squat & Pull

Merkin & Lateral Pull

Sandbag Drag

After last rep, let’s move over to the tables under the canopy…

3 EMOM with Squats, Clean, OH Press, & Step Ups (105 reps)

On the first minute do 15 squats with the sandbag, then continue into alternating step-ups for the remainder of the minute. At the start of minute two, do ten cleans with the bag, then finish the minute with step-ups. At the start of minute three, do ten overhead presses with the bag and finish with step-ups. Continue this sequence for 3 minutes.


Made Them Both
Rich and poor have this in common: The LORD is the Maker of them all. (NIV) ( Proverbs 22:2 )
This verse is very simple to understand. Essentially, everyone is created by God. But it is the application of this verse that is pivotal. The great divide between the have’s and have not’s is certainly not because God favors one person over the other. We should not discriminate or look down on one another because of a persons financial status. We are all made by God, in His image.

Prayer Requests:

  • Military & Veterans
  • Juice & Squatter’s family
  • Train wreck in Chapin, Chapin PAX child involved
  • Mulligan baby doing well
  • Joey Well’s family


  • F3 Lexington & Surge shirts are on pre-order
  • Cheech 10k & Lexington Half this week
  • Sign up for Dam to Dam & P200 Surge teams
  • 2nd F Thursday night, see Rec/WeeWee
  • Christmas Park, 12/14