• When: 2020-09-22
  • QIC: Katniss (R) via IPC challenge
  • The PAX: Brainiac, Emmy,Ebert, Deadstick (Rx2), Pups (Rx2), Harp(R), Katniss(R), Finch, PETA, Hoboken, Farmer,, Flea

Murder Bunnies IPC week 4

Conditions cool 52F



Review the IPC standards for wk4

COT/ prayer

Good mumble chatter and fellowship.  Way to push men! Finally done with IPC

Heres what we did…

2020 IronPAX Challenge Week 4 Murder Bunnies

Each time IPC comes around we dread it. But with each completed workout it gives hope that you can complete the next one and so on. We find our strengths and weaknesses during these times and get to see each other excel in various ways. We also see tough guys get humbled.  We get mad at ourselves for not pushing harder when we probably could have.  The experience alone is worth the effort. You will have highs and lows but you have the man next to you to push or be pushed by. Thats what we do for each other.  Its Iron Pax for a reason.  Iron sharpens iron. Keep grinding it out in the gloom.

Murder bunnies were terrible.  Heck, all of it was. Missed several of our pax for various reasons over the last few weeks. Prayers up for them.

All pax finished, put blocks up and back to flag.


9/11 challenge on 9/26 see F3 Smokehouse Twitter feed

Unofficial Hairy Bison Saturday before Thanksgiving


Steamers son

Fergie knee surgery

Fleas God daughter health

Eberts coworker health

Deadsticks sister health

Praise Farmers dad got to go hang out with him and grandchildren.

Jobs/business situations

Schools/ teachers related to learning and teaching in current situation

Each one of you are important.  Show up and be there for each other. I am proud to be friends with you guys. Continue to comfort and lift each other up.

Your brother


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