• When: 2019-05-07
  • QIC: Quisenberry
  • The PAX: Swanson, Wilbur, LandingStrip, PickAxe, Granola, Kyrie, DearDiary, Boo, Wapner, Tater, Canseco, Jobu, Booster, Quisenberry

May 2019 Kamikaze

14 Pax posted for a special version of the May running of the Kamikaze.  The pax posted threw down some impressive work.

Conditions: High 60s, almost perfect


Disclaimer / Prayer

Mozey from the parking lot, down to the block pile and get a block.
Mozey to the near corner of the track near cone 10 and leave blocks there.


No Scoring today, just push yourself and encourage your fellow pax

  • Cones 1-8: 2 Burpees, 4 Hand Release Merkins, 6 Squats, 8 LBCs
  • Cone 9: 10 pullups or Body Rows on the jungle gym
  • Cone 10: 5 Block Burpee Lunges

Rinse and Repeat until time is called.

Return blocks to brick pile, and Mozey back to the Shovel Flag.





  • Reps per lap:
    • 16 Burpees
    • 32 Hand Release Merkins
    • 48 Squats
    • 64 LBCs


  • Tomorrow Night – Chedda on WOF
  • 5/13-19 – Runner Safety Week, Sign up as a buddy, All RunGroups Converge
  • 5/16 – Be Sure to Post at TP
  • 5/20-5/31 – Jauntlet (Crusade Wednesday 5/23)


  • Granola
  • Booster – Friends with New Twins
  • Swanson – Dad
  • FryDaddy – Corbett

Devo: Your “want-to” keeps you going when your “should” finds it easier to quit.