• When: 2018-05-15
  • QIC: Quisenberry
  • The PAX: Granola, Swanson, TheCloser, Shag, Booster, Swinger, SimonSays, Wilbur, Blindside, Tattoo, PickAxe, TheBigPeter, DoubleFault, Canseco, Treadmill, Quisenberry

May 2018 PT Test

16 Pax posted this am for the May version of the PT Test.  Feeling like summer already.  Work was done and betterness was received. Strong Work Men!

Conditions: Low 70s and sweaty

The Thang:

Mozey through the parking lot and circle up in the back parking lot.

  • SSH x 15 IC
  • LBAC x 10 IC each way
  • IW x 15 IC
  • TTT x 15 IC

Mozey down to the field, Count off 1s and 2s to partner up for PT Test

  • 1s do Merkins for 2 Minutes then FlapJack
  • 1s do BBSU for 2 Minutes then FlapJack

Recovery Mozey (to allow the hip flexors and quads to regain feeling) about 1/4 of a lap and back to the corner by the steps for 2 mile / 20 minute run

Click here for Results

Mozey back to SF


  • Count-o-Rama
  • Name-o-Rama


  • Radio Silence
  • F3LexSC Month at TheMission
  • 5/17 – Ranger Q at TP, with BIG Announcement in COT
  • 5/28 – Possible Memorial Day Murph, Stay Tuned.
  • 11/10 – Cheech 10K


  • Praise – Blindsides 2.1 seizure free for 2 months.
  • Family of Dr at Lexington Medical center
  • Canseco’s M – good results from tests
  • William Anderson – cancer
  • Dear Diary – Recovery Chemo
  • Chedda – Rib Injury
  • WhiffleBall – Close to rejoining the pax
  • Wapner – Toe injury
  • Shake n Bake – recovery from 62 mile run
  • Swanson’s Dad
  • Buttermaker – Church member Landon – Brain issues
  • The Flanagans

Devo: “Sometimes the greater plan is kinda hard to understand”

(I usually save these kinds of thoughts for a small group of people, but today I just let it roll to the pax in COT)

As I made the turn onto Midway Road this am, maybe he changed the radio station, maybe it was already there.  Anyway, a guitar was playing a recognizable tune.  The song was by Luke Bryan and Started with:

When I got the news today
I didn’t know what to say.
So I just hung up the phone.

This song reminded me of Cheech.  As I topped the hill near Oliver Metz, it was a flash back to Thursday June 22 when Turning Point was packed with Cars.  It has almost been a year.  As I pulled into the parking spot, pax waiting for the Q to give the call for 1 minute, the second verse played:

Funny how the good ones go
Too soon, but the good lord knows
The reasons why, I guess
Sometimes the greater plan is kinda hard to understand
Right now it don’t make sense

Still doesn’t make sense, but that’s OK.  I don’t know the best way to remember Cheech, but what I can say is:

  1. Post at F3 everyday you can
  2. Push yourself as best you can
  3. Encourage someone as much as you can
  4. Laugh at something you remember Cheech doing today and as often as you can.

Miss you, John!