• When: 12/31/14
  • QIC: Pepto
  • The PAX: Peachy, Blindside, FDIC, Meatball, Candy Stripe, Voltron, Pavarrati, Treadmill, Clinch, Pepto

Man caprees, pajama pants, and a little calling card.

The last day of 2014 brought 10 pax together to #getbetter #bebetter with a Wednesday morning stride edition. YHC is still getting over a migraine, so the route plan was a little fumbled. Luckily no one got lost. Even though there was a biologic warfare device deployed that required the COT to be moved, we still finished strong, together. There was also mention of a certain Pax’s fashion style. Camo man caprees yesterday and today Camo PJ’s. YHC wonder’s if the M has a matching pair? Maybe they are the M’s?

Conditions 32F, foggy (again), damp (again).

Route discussion
Opening Prayer

Head out of parking lot up North Lake Drive to Columbia Avenue. Take a left on Columbia Avenue and run to #1. Bear left on #1 heading towards Lexington High School. Take a left onto Barr Road, watch out for cars on a 45mph road. YHC apologizes for that one. Take a left on Hendrix Street and head towards the courthouse. A couple of pax later mentioned they were fearful for their lives on the dark stretch of road on Hendrix, but they were safe. All that running makes you a formidable force. Obviously someone’s supper also gave them skunk like super powers too. Head down hendrix street past the running car with a suspicous character partaking in glaucoma treatment (or so reported), and then take a left onto Church Street. Return to the court house however you want. Total mileage about 4.5 miles.

COT #1, nothing really accomplished, but finding of a skunk
COT #2 with BOM

Prayer Requests:
1. Treadmill’s coworker’s child injured their wrist in an ATV incident.
2. Blindside’s sister’s C-section and 4th child.
3. Peachy’s brother’s wedding tonight.

1. runs, runs, and more runs. For the USC fans, there is a run coming up with tours of facilities, etc. Finishes in the Colonial Center with tickets to the Men’s & Women’s B-ball games.

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