• When: 12/29/14
  • QIC: Chinstrap
  • The PAX: Snake, Wedgie, Kendoll, Misti, Flip Flop, Julep, PAC, Chinstrap

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

With the holidays in full swing and Christmas vacations happening, YHC returned from stridelite not knowing how many PAX would be waiting to receive a beatdown. YHC was pleasantly surprised, again im not sure why, to not only see multiple regular SnakePit PAX but also F3 Lexington’s Nantan, Kendoll waiting in the gloom. The pressure quickly mounted to make the last bootcamp of 2014 one to remember.
CONDITIONS: Unseasonably warm



Mosey to front of church across Platt Springs
Circle up for COP
– SSH x49 ic
– IW x20 ic
– TTT x20 ic
– WM x20 ic
– LBAC x20 (10 forward/10 backward)
– BBAC x20 (10 forward/10 backward)
– Merkin x10 oc

Mosey to hill behind church
Pair up for Jacobs Ladders
-Partner A runs to top of hill and performs 10 Burpees while Partner B Amraps Flutter Kicks
-Continue Flap Jacking decreasing Burpee count by 1 every round down to 5

Mosey to adjoining field
Circle Up
Dealers Choice (YHC wanted to give PAX opportunity to participate in last boot camp workout of 2014)
-PAC, Cherry Pickers x20 oyo
-Wedgie, Merkins x50 oyo
-Kendoll, Boat and Canoe
-Flip Flop, Russian Twist x15 oyo
-Misti, Don’t remember name but you run in place w/ high knees while reaching
to the sky (learned from an AO in Anderson

Mosey to fence circle
People Chair :30 x3

Mosey to front of church for Mary
-Russian Twist
-6”/45/90 oc

Mosey to front of school for COT

COT: Chinstrap

F3 Lexington Convergence- 1/1/15 at Graveyard 7am

BOM: Julep

Moleskin: As always YHC is proud to be able to lead and workout with these men. As mentioned by someone else in a previous backblast, YHC definitely sees the PAX growing as men and really appreciates the fellowship.

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