• When: 2020-02-04
  • QIC: Granola
  • The PAX: Canseco, Booster, Sunday Driver, Fry Daddy (R), Chhedder (R), Pick Axe, Wapner, Arrears, Tater, Granola

Making Friends R2

Ten PAX posted and pushed one another through our workout on a nice and dry morning of 55 degrees.
Two PAX for little bit of pre-work warmup run. Good Work Canseco

Disclaimer and Prayer

The Thang:

Start where we stand:
– SSH IC X 10
– TTT IC X 10
– Imperial Walker IC X 10
– Windmill X 10 IC
– Hillbilly IC X 10

Break out into 5 pairs of 2 pax.
Pairs 1-4 each go to corners 1-4 of the front parking lot and begin exercises.
Pair 5 will be on the move when exercises begin.
Pair 5 will run to corner 1/pair 1 and relieve them.
Pair 1 will then run to corner 2/pair 2 and relieve them.
This continues until all pax have had a turn at all corners and run a complete circuit.

all exercise are OYO until relief pax arrive
Corner 1 – always plank exercises
Corner 2 – always leg exercises
Corner 3 – always shoulder exercises
Corner 4 – always core exercises
Round 1: C1 – Plank Jacks, C2- Step Ups, C3 – LBAC, C4 – LBC
Round 2: C1 – Mtn Climbers, C2- Lunges, C3 – Dirty Bird, C4 – Freddie Mercury
Round 3: C1 – Shoulder Taps, C2- Squats, C3 – Overhead Claps, C4 – Hello Dolly

All pax converge at the shovel flag for Mary:
– LBC IC X 15
– Flutter Kick IC X 15
– American Hammer IC X 15
– Hello Dolly IC X 15



– F3 Turning Point 2nd F – Tonight (2/4) at Mod Pizza 8pm
– 2/29 Convergence at Graveyard – Anniversary of GY 6:30 am

Prayer Requests:

– Corbett Anderson
– Chheddar’s friend, Barry – 3-4th procedure for arythmmia – prayers for success and findings
– Booster – Molly Shealy – Leucemia – 6 yr old girl
– 2 pax that have recently past (Nunan (Chicago) and Squealer (Manning)) Take away – take care of your body healthwise, prayers for those families
– Wapner – not feeling well today – maybe flu

– 2 Kings 6: 1-7
God cares about even the little things. Don’t kid yourself into thinking that He or your fellow pax only care or want to hear about the big things. Share what is on your heart and allow Him to bless you and to use us to be there for you in all things.

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