• When: 2018-12-01
  • QIC: Granola
  • The PAX: Tool Time, Eve, Strut, Booster, Granola, PickAxe, Hammer, Hatchet, Utah, Fast Casual

Making Friends

Ten PAX posted and pushed one another through our workout on a chilly, but nice and dry morning.
Two PAX for little bit of pre-work, before heading off to the first Wildcat (Quisenberry and Globogym)

Disclaimer and Prayer

The Thang:

Start where we stand:
– SSH IC X 17
– TTT IC X 17
– Imperial Walker IC X 17
– Merkin IC X 17

Mosey around the perimeter of the front parking lot, making sure all pax see the cones and signs, as to avoid running into them during the workout.

Break out into 5 pairs of pax.
Pairs 1-4 each go to corners 1-4 of the front parking lot and begin exercises.
Pair 5 will be on the move when exercises begin.
Pair 5 will run to corner 1/pair 1 and relieve them.
Pair 1 will then run to corner 2/pair 2 and relieve them.
This continues until all pax have had a turn at all corners and run a complete circuit.

all exercise are OYO until relief pax arrive
Corner 1 – always plank exercises
Corner 2 – always leg exercises
Corner 3 – always shoulder exercises
Corner 4 – always core exercises
Round 1: C1 – Plank Jacks, C2- Step Ups, C3 – LBAC, C4 – LBC
Round 2: C1 – Mtn Climbers, C2- Lunges, C3 – Dirty Bird, C4 – Freddie Mercury
Round 3: C1 – Shoulder Taps, C2- Squats, C3 – Overhead Claps, C4 – Hello Dolly
Round 4: C1 – Hip Taps, C2- Squat Jumps, C3 – Moroccan Night Club, C4 – Flutter Kicks

All pax converge at the shovel flag for one more group lap like this:
– Bear Crawl from the SF midway across the parking lot
– Lunge to the far side of the parking lot
– Sprint to the top of the parking lot – plank for the six
– Rinse and Repeat across the top of the parking lot and back to the SF

Circle up for a short Mary:
– American Hammer IC X 17
– Hold 6″ while all the pax



– F3 Lexington Christmas Party 12/14

Prayer Requests:

– Corbett Anderson
– Others that the slacker Q didn’t get recorded

– Challenge: Take time to consider…do you make plans, then ask God to come alongside of your plans and to bless them after you’ve already walked the path? Or, do you include God up front, and ask that God brings you alongside of Him in His plans? His plans will always be better than any we can imagine.

So, why is the BB titled “Making Friends”? Well, spending nearly an hour with another pax working out and running side by side really gives you lots of time to listen to and learn about one another. Tool Time and YHC got to do that, and I’m thankful for it.