• When: 2019-01-18
  • QIC: Recall
  • The PAX: Hoist, Kukoc, Long Haul, Doodah, Knozit (Respect), Berber, 7-11, Cowbell, Short Haul, Pups (Respect), Recall

M says the route looks like a Unicorn

Making a concerted effort to develop safer routes, YHC chose a route intended to stay away from fast-moving traffic and keep us on sidewalks and wide shoulders as much as possible.  Even though Kukoc was running late this morning, he caught up to the 6 pretty quickly.  Attempted to name the route; YHC’s M says it looks like a unicorn.  Good run this morning men!

Weather: 30 degrees and clear

Disclaimer, Running Safety Guidelines, and Prayer

The route:

Right on Main towards the library (stay on sidewalk on right side of road to prevent crossing Main twice)

  • Right on Cedarcrest (watch out for the German Shepherd)
  • Right on Freedom
  • Left on Railroad
  • Left on Burton (parallel to I-20)
  • Right on Glassmaster
  • Right on S. Lake (Rt 6)
  • Left on Gibson
  • Right on Church
  • Left on Roberts
  • Right on Elm
  • Left on Church
  • Right on Maiden back to the ShovelFlag


  • 2 Feb: MGC Long Run
  • 16 Feb: Dam to Dam Relay
  • 16 Mar: Lexington Race Against Hunger
  • Need mentors. Ask KenDoll for details.
  • Juice is leading an accountability group for reading the Bible in 2019; not too late to jump in. Reach out to Juice for details.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pups’ nephew, Alex, struggling with some issues
  • Wells Family