• When: 2019-01-19
  • QIC: BunkBed
  • The PAX: Chyna, Big Worm

Warming Up and Rocks

Conditions: Fairly cool and brisk morning at Spur

Opening Ball of Man and Prayer


Mosey to pull-up bar area



Windmill X10 IC

Merkins X6 IC

Squats X10 IC

Merkins X5 IC

Squats X10 IC

Merkins X5 IC

Mosey to concrete patio next to first bench

Not so lazy boys did 4 movements to each side

Flutter Kicks x10 IC

Jane Fonda X15 up and down, X10 back and forth, x10 in a circle

The Slim Jim (laying on your side and pushing yourself up with one arm) 15 OYO

Lay on other side and repeated Fonda and Slim Jim

Arm Circles X10 Forward and X10 Reverse IC

Overhead claps X10 IC

Seal claps X10 IC

Thumb Raises X15 IC

Hand remained raised from Arm Circles until end of Thumb Raises

Karaoke from concrete to soccer goal and then back

High Knees to soccer goal and butt kicks back

Bear Crawl to goal post and crab crawl back

Mosey to rock pile

Curls for the Gorls X10 IC

Kettle Bell Swings X15 OYO

Mosey to practice field stairs while holding rock

2 Calf raises per each stair to top

Rockin’ Out

x50 Curls

x100 Chest Press

X150 Squats

P1 holds rock overhead and walks to 25 yrd line while P2 does exercise and then switch when P1 returns

Russo-American Twisting Hammer X10 with Rock

Mosey to brick wall and do wall sit with rock long enough to make it suck

Mosey to pile return rock, mosey to pull-up bar

5 Pull-ups and 10 BBS alternating until 20 Pull-ups and 40 BBS were reached

Mosey to benches for softball field and did 10 step ups each leg as burn out for the end

Mosey to flag