• When: 2018-09-26
  • QIC: Stay Puff
  • The PAX: Shankapotomus (Respect), Urkle, Caboose, Happy Trees, T&G and Stay Puff

Let’s Go See What Swayze is Really Up To

YHC was happy to jump in for Cinco after he helped out a few weeks ago in same manner.  With no real plan it was decided to let the Pax plan the the route and alter it as we ran.  After Swayze pulled through parking lot talking about Michael Jackson’s Beat It (yeah that’s what he meant) the route had to include his neighborhood just confirm what was actually going down.

Weather: Perfect


The Route: Follow Bernard to 23 and cut over to Hwy 1 at our fearless Mayor’s estate.  Follow 1 to Swayzeville and loop around back to Hwy 1.  Follow 1 to Pond Branch to check out the Shealy shed.  Cut over to Happy Trees st and follow all the way to Hwy 1 and then back to Rooster via Bernard.  Some did this while others cut off and chose a different route ending.  Maybe it was happier.  YHC enjoyed it all the same.