• When: 2017-10-05
  • QIC: Ebert
  • The PAX: Hobby Lobby, Sputnick, Britta, Postal, Steamer, Ground Fault, Tailpipe, Glow Worm, Joust, Lego, Kenwood, Hoist, Kazoo, River Dance, 6 Foot Under, Icarus, Oscar, Thumbs Up, Ralphie, Harp, Chips, Julep, Ken Doll, Tonka, Katniss, Kid Sister, Kukoc, Honey Bun (R), Emmy, Hoboken, Brainiac, Ebert

Launch of The Stand- Tour de Deerfield

Deerfield Elementary
YHC was very pleased with the turnout that showed for the opening of The Stand at Deerfield Elementary School.  Before the Q even began, 4 PAX decided to do the harder thing and take a few laps around the school to break in the road.  3 plus miles for them.
Weather: A refreshing 62 degrees
(Led by Ebert)
16 Windmills IC
16 Through the Tunnel IC
16 Imperial Walkers IC
16 Mountain Climbers IC
16 Michael Phelps IC
16 Toy Soldiers IC
Tour de Deerfield
As expected, many PAX showed up for the launch of the new AO, so YHC decided to pair everyone up. While partner one did one, partner two did the other.
  1. Suicides (Court 1), Merkins AMRAP (3 sets)
  2. Pullups on Playground (5 sets of 5), LBC’s AMRAP
  3. Dips on picnic benches (3 set of 20), Plank
  4. Suicides (Court 2), Squats AMRAP (2 sets)
  5. Step Ups (10 each leg), David Bowey’s AMRAP (2 sets)
  6. Wall sits on columns, 10 Burpees (2 sets)
  7. Circle Burp (Each PAX calls the down until full circle complete) Sizzle is the word!
Prayer Requests:
-All those affected by the tragedy in Las Vegas and natural disaster all around including Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and floods.
-Continued recovery prayers for flood in SC (2 year anniversary)
-CHIPS Mom for continued progress in cancer treatment
-Brainiac’s M for continued prayers towards a cancer free life (been one year since Chemo)
10/10 – New AO @ Rocky Creek Elem Launch
10/14- Dam Tri, Run for the Pink
10/21- Capital Ruck
10/28- Go Leo Go, push for Speed for Need, show up even if you don’t run
11/11 – John Flanagan Memorial 10K, Lexington Half
11/18- Harry Bison
12/15 – F3/FiA Christmas Party