• When: 2020-03-31
  • QIC: Ken Doll
  • The PAX: Quisenberry, Chedda, Mac, PickAxe, Implant, Good Hands, Breakfast Club, Rebar, Alter Boy, Broadhead, Cramps, Dunphy, Ken Doll

LAUNCH: 6am Virtual Bootcamp

We have much bigger problems in the world right now but not being able to post with my F3 brothers has been rough. We’ve learned from several years of F3 in our community that men need fellowship. Without it, Sad Clown Syndrome permeates. So, in times like these, we adjust. Virtual bootcamps will have to do for now. Very grateful for the opportunity to lead this AM. Leading these has it’s challenges but it’s certainly better than nothing.

Here’s what we did:

Conditions: 58 degrees, garagy

The Thang:


Big Arms Circles x 10 OYO
Michael Phelps x 10 OYO
Hillbillies x 10 OYO
Plank Jacks x 10 IC
Flutter kicks x 10 IC
Mt Climbers x 10 IC
Iron Cross x 10 OYO
Merkins x 10 IC
American Hammers x 10 IC

Stationary 11s:

Rd 1: Hand Release Merkins / Prisoner Squats

High plank x 1 min

Rd 2: Burpees / Squat Jumps

High plank x 1 min

Rd 3: Plank Jack Merkins / Star Jumps


Devo: Luke 8:4-15

Prayer Requests:
-Duncan family
-Breakfast Club on getting home

-Holding pattern as things continue to get postponed

-Leading a virtual bootcamp through Zoom is certainly different and has its challenges. We ask for a little patience as we get this figured out. Here are a few observations:
1) What a great opportunity to fellowship and work out with men from different regions. We were joined this AM by LexSC greats Mac and Chedda whose work has relocated them to other areas. Also, our man Breakfast Club joined us from his deployment overseas. What a blessing! Take this opportunity to reach out to men you know from other regions and AOs.
2) Related to the 1st observation…the 6am Tuesday / Thursday time slot has some F3 Legends lined up for the month of April. Rumor has it our F3 Founding Fathers and other big time leaders have signed up. Stay tuned and don’t miss it!
3) Also related to #1…this collection of pax came from several different AOs and regions. At no other time would these men have been collected together. Again, what a blessing!
4) Much like a CAT or Boneyard workout, it’s more challenging to fill the time having to stay stationary. It’s impossible to keep track of the 6 virtually so running isn’t an option.
5) Cadence can be a challenge because it’s hard to hear the virtual pax count back. Not impossible by any means but just another challenge to overcome.
6) It’s better when everyone has their video and audio on. We need mumblechatter!
7) Zoom has a time limit so we kept the workout around 35 min to allow time for virtual COT and devo.
8) Not sure the best practice on name-o-rama but YHC called names from the participant list and had them say their name, age, nickname.

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