• When: 06/02/15
  • QIC: Knozit
  • The PAX: Bearded Lady, Ponzi, Hot Spot, Pew, GED, Dunphy, Recall, Half Empty, Floppy Disc, Dandelion, Bing, Elmers, Notebook, Scotch, Buzzsaw, Knozit

Knozit brings a “Battle Buddy” Beatdown to the Shank!

(written by Knozit)

16 pax braved Shawshank’s Field of Dreams for a “Battle Buddy” adventure. Another great morning at Shawshank.

Weather: 75 Degrees under “Gloomy” Muggy skies.

Disclaimer and Prayer

The Thang: Pretend to mosey to back fields… but stop for a bear crawl over bridge. (YHC loves a little grumble to confirm he’s pushing the pax)

COP SSH x 21 IC TTT x 21 IC

Merkins (one legged) x 10 IC

Merkins (other leg) x 10 IC LBAC 10 forward x 10 backwards IC


Pax pick a “Battle Buddy” about same size and height


Loony Loop:

Follow the sidewalk loop for 4 full laps with 3 pain stations at each turn.


Turn #1 30 Merkins each lap

Turn #2 30 Dips on benches under pavilion each lap

Turn #3 30 BBS each lap


Each Pax completes the 4 laps with their buddy – Flutter Kicks when complete until all pax are finished


Mosey to 1st Soccer field at top of complex and line up on sideline of 1st field.


With Battle Buddy, complete separate exercise across each of 4 fields

Field #1 Leap Frog each other across field – Note: Pax must keep head down!

Field #2 Wheel Barrow with partner across field switching at halfway point

Field #3 Bunny Hop across entire field – don’t need partner, but funny to watch!

Field #4 Fireman Carry with partner across field switching at halfway point

Mosey back to pavilion



Moleskin:  Outstanding work by all the Pax. I truly appreciate all my F3 Brothers. It was my hope that by working together with partners(Battle Buddies), that we may get to better know each other Shawshank. That’s why I love the Shank!


  • Color Vibe, RBH 6/13
  • First Father’s Friday, Graveyard, Shawshank & Hollow 7am Friday 6/5

Prayer Requests:  Prayers Bearded Lady’s crews traveling; The Alexander Family with the loss of Ron Alexander.

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