• When: 2018-05-08
  • QIC: Quisenberry
  • The PAX: WeeWee, Drysdale, Escobar, Abner, BigAl, Zacchaeus, Rosie, Swanson, Upcharge, Sasquatch, REC, Quisenberry

KenDoll’s Favorite Block Workout

12 Pax posted on a Chamber of Commerce kinda day at Surge. Since it was YHC first post at Surge, he knew he had to bring his best.  Its not often that you have a workout where the former Nantan gives his disapproval, but YHC took it as a compliment. The Pax of Surge were up to the task and beasted the Workout.  Enjoyed the am, and hoping to make a return trip and post over the summer. Strong Work Men!

Conditions: 63, light breeze. Dang near perfect

The Thang:

Mozey around the cafeteria parking lot, circle upt:

  • SSH Burpees x 5 IC (x 5)
  • IW x 10 IC
  • LBAC x 10 IC forwards
  • OHAC x 10 IC
  • DirtyBird x 10 IC
  • LBAC x 10 IC Backwards
  • TTT x 10 IC

Mozey to the brick pile, each pax get a cinder block, mozey back to the edge of the parking lot for Funness aka Burpee Block Routine + a Napalm

  • 1 Block Merkin
  • 1 Squat
  • 1 Curl for Girls
  • 1 Shoulder Press
  • 1 Tricep Press
  • 1 Lunge with each leg
  • Increase each exercise by 1 rep, Rinse and repeat until 5 reps
  • Plank until all complete
  • Line up for indian run – 1 lap around the traffice circle big loop of the parking lot
  • Rinse and Repeat x 4 (minus the lap after the last set)

Return blocks to block pile

Circle up for Mary (order my not be accurate, but the sum is correct):

  • LBC x10 IC
  • Flutter Kicks x10 IC
  • American Hammers x10 IC
  • FrozenFlutters x10 IC
  • FreddieMercuries x10 IC
  • Boat Canoe OMC


  • Count-o-Rama
  • Name-o-Rama


  • YHC promised on Twitter “10 reps or less” – Promise Delivered.
  • Focused group of Pax at Surge.  I like it.
  • TClaps to Swanson for jumping in the ClownCar and Posting at Surge this AM.  #ISI


  • Radio Silence
  • F3LexSC Month at TheMission
  • 5/11 – Special Olympic Torch Run (SFN Chairs – See ThumbsUp)
  • 5/12 – Get in the Pink (SFN Chairs – See ThumbsUp)
  • 5/12 – Shake n Bake: 62 Miles for LLS
  • 11/10 – Cheech 10K


  • NetZero – Wife and Baby
  • Dear Diary – Last Day of Chemo
  • Chedda – Rib Injury
  • Swanson’s Dad

Devotional: Remember your “Why”

YHC shared some recent discussions from the TurningPoint pax about the Daily Red Pill (DRP – The decision in the am to post), the King, Queen and Jester.
Remember your why.  Why do I get up so early and run around in the Dark? Also, look around and think of 1 Pax who didn’t post this am, text them, tell them they were missed and hope to see them soon, and try to help them remember their “why”.  Accountability is the key.  Find that brother who will text you in the am and post for your brother.