• When: 2019-01-29
  • QIC: Brainiac
  • The PAX: Ebert, Katniss, Emmy, DeadStick (R), Hoboken, Farmer, Brainiac

Keep trying!

Today starts day 2 of 6 that YHC is Q’ing this week. Which may not be a good thing as YHC is smack in the middle of an RA flare. The off day YHC will be participating in the one, the only “Sausage Factory”! If you have not participated in Sausage Factory yet you should definitely join YHC on Thursday. You will not be disappointed! Enough about Thursday!! YHC has not been able to lead the men here yet this year. YHC arrived and the men were eager to get to work! Farmer and Hoboken made the trip over. It was great seeing them!! Rosie made sure to greet everyone whether they wanted her to or not. YHC is very grateful for these men. Even when YHC can’t do the exercise and has to “clipboard” they don’t mind. YHC is really trying hard to get back to 100% but unfortunately that may never happen. YHC wasn’t able to do all of it due to the RA flare, but the men did not mind and gave it their all! YHC will keep trying and never give up! YHC did forget to say the Pledge. Cobains men!!!

Conditions: 40ish and windy





TTT X 20 IC (Tinkle style)

Michael Phelps X 20 IC

Windmill X 20 IC Emmy commented on how much i like stretching!


IW X 15 IC


Toy Soliders X 15 IC

The Thang

Grab a block and OHC to the basketball court. Get ready for a little 4 corner action with a detour.

Corner 1- Curls 4 the girls x 15, Bear crawl to 2

Corner 2– merkins x 15, lunge to 3

Corner 3– Squats x 15, Bear crawl to 4

Corner 4 Plank jacks x 15, Mosey to playground

Pull-ups x 15, mosey back to 1.

Rinse and repeat adding 5 reps for 3 sets

The PAX were really “happy” to do 25 merkins and 25 pull-ups!!

Grab your block and head to Blueberry Hill

10 OHP run backwards up Blueberry hill and do 1 burpee It was asked if we were doing “11s” YHC responded no, there is no rhyme or reason, just keep adding a burpee.

10 OHP run backwards up Blueberry hill and do 2 burpees

10 OHP run backwards up Blueberry hill and do 3 burpees

10 OHP run backwards up Blueberry hill and do 4 burpees

5 minutes left so time for MARY- each PAX will pick an exercise (varied in reps)

Heel touches, flutter kicks, American Hammer, Bicycle,  Dead bugs, Iron crosses, Not so Lazy boys.



F3 Mentor program- reach out to [email protected] to get more info and get signed up!

2/2: MGC long run
2/16: Dam to Dam relay (VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED)
3/2: 5 year Convergence (F3 Lex)
3/16: Race Against Hunger to Benefit Mission of Lexington
3/22-23: P200

Prayer Request
Emmy’s Grandparents in Illinois have been majorly impacted by the cold weather and snow.

Katniss’ old classmate

YHC’s M (Holter Monitor) HR increases to 140-150 just standing

YHC’s body- needs some healing!!

Juice’s FIL, M, entire family



Emmy’s 2.1 is getting baptized this weekend!!!