• When: 2019-01-28
  • QIC: Pipeline
  • The PAX: Hurl, Bidet, Cap Gun, Bloodwork, Baby Ruth, Co-Pay, Chubbs, Sue Ellen (#Kotters), Heist, Holy Poker, Pipeline

Stumble Makes Strides

11 pax and a dog posted for 5 miles of bite-sized speedwork. Balloons were popped. Everyone got faster.

Conditions: 40ish and overcast

The Thang:

Alt text

Olde Knight > Moss Springs > Arrowfield > Marthas Glen > Old Woodlands > Christie > Byron > Shelley > Veterans > Coatesdale > Coachmaker > #RockwoodLoop > Galway > Olde Knight

Miles 1 and 5: Warmup, slow (#MAF ish) pace

Miles 2-4: Strides. 20 seconds at 1 mile race pace (90% effort or so), then 2 minutes recovery. For the 20 seconds, focus on form, mechanics, and efficiency. Rinse & repeat.


Devo by YHC: Practice hospitality. It’s an intentional application of #2ndF in order to spread #3rdF. Be on the lookout for ways to step out in faith and build meaningful relationships with other men, including those who may not look or dress or act like you. Hebrews 10.24-25. YHC also got in an #Armory plug.


  • Strides are a good way to introduce speedwork without killing yourself. You practice running fast, and get used to the feeling, but have plenty of time to recover. Similar to #Spillwork but without the hills.
  • @Heist, it may be tempting to jump on a balloon you find in the street, but first make sure there are no small dogs nearby.
  • It was good to see @Co-Pay post on a Monday now that his responsibilities at #TheBull are ended.
  • #Kotters to @Sue Ellen. Keep posting. Stumble Masters might need an alternate.

Pipeline out.