• When: 2018-11-15
  • QIC: Fast Casual
  • The PAX: Voltron(R), Quest, Recall, Rockdrop(R), Netflix, Nature Boy(R)

Karma Q at The Arena

Posted on behalf of Fast Casual:

YHC Fast Casual is not a poster when it rains, claims the windshield wipers on his spectacles are a hindrance. So he postponed his Q from last week (because it was supposed to rain, and DID NOT that morning) to this week.

Well as Karma would have it the weather was even better, more rain, temp at 39 and winds howling at 10 to 12 miles an hour.

Lesson learned – honor your commitment (no excuses).

So the last 24 hours were what to do with weinke, pray that the rain would stop etc. Well after the initial anxiety YHC said let’s just have fun, do whatever we can, of course Wapner threw in my SSH gif which my kids absolutely had a blast with (thanks Wap).

Also there was a suggestion by a certain pax last night via text about heading to Waffle house. That was terminated as soon as I pulled in – my four brothers were patiently waiting in Voltron’s warm truck. 

It began with Cornerstone. Discussed our relationships with our M’s. You are either accelerating or decelerating. You are either getting better or getting worse, so let’s get better.

I was genuinely excited and headed to set up the stations and realized quickly modification to the weinke was a must. 

So here is the Thang:

Started at front of school under covered walkway,

Started with SSH (FC style Squats) x5

15 TTT x 15

1 burpee OYO

this was going to be station #1 for exercises.

Mosey toward station #2

other side of covered entrance

15 OH claps

15 each LBAC Back and Forward

Then headed toward station #3 and #4 which is the covered area toward the back wide open, as we headed there realized the winds were howling and rain was coming at an unfavorable angle so modification would be required. 

At station 3 :

15 x Imp Walkers. 

Then mosey to station 4 down toward the other end of covered walkway – realized not a good idea to exercise so moved station 3 and 4 toward stations 1 and 2.

divided in groups of 3 and 4 

Groups 1 at station 1:


run 5 laps to covered walkway and back

Partner 2:

Hold plank

Partner 3:


Group 2:

Station 2:

BBSU x15

Sumo Squats x15

American Hammer x15 

repeat until group has completed and then switch 

Quest jumped out from behind a column in a lame attempt to scare Voltron.


Station 3:

Run 4 laps 

Flutter kicks x15 

Planl jacks X15

untll all partners complete their laps 

Station 4:

Merkins x15

Jumpropes x15

LBCs x15

Repeat until other group has completed then switch.


3 minutes left ….

5 Burpees OYO 

Wall sit for about 90 seconds

Last minute plank.


Xmas party Dec 14 

Families helping families – Arena will again sponsor a family under Quest’s leadership

Volunteer for WIS phone bank Nov 27 

Prayer requests:

Quest – several co-workers who lost their jobs

Voltron’s Citadel classmate with testicular cancer

Recall – several people battling cancer

Note :

look out for close one during this time of holidays as we look at help other may not know. There may be some people close to us who may need our help reach out to them talk to them etc.

Y had a blast – don’t know why I don’t Q more (Ha).

Thanks to all who came out!