• When: 2018-11-15
  • QIC: Chaser, Splinter
  • The PAX: McNugget, RA, BooBoo, Wally, Babar, Misfire, Billybob, Chaser, Splinter

Hammer Finds a Way

Despite the usual grumblings, 9 men (was almost 10) saw this morning’s conditions as a great opportunity to get up before dawn and get in a little exercise. We found ways to get in some respectable work and stay relatively dry all things considered. A dueling Q was on tap between YHC and brother Chaser. Here’s what we did:

Conditions: Not good, 40 and soaking rain

The Thang

Run to Shelter (don’t hate, especially if you weren’t there)
At the Carpool Lane, complete with overhead cover:
Hand Release Merkins 10 IC
Lunge-Lunge-Squat 10 IC
Sit-ups 10 IC
Lateral Lean Merkins (3-part movement) 10 oyo

Chaser AMRAP
15 HR Burpees
12 Big Boy Sit-ups
9 Inverted Row
Lunge 10 yds, run to end of walkway and back
7 Minutes AMRAP
(or if you’re McNugget, aka Robber Jr., 7min AMWAP “As Many Words As Possible”)

Splinter AMRAP
10 Catcher Squats
10 Knee hug sit-ups
20 Incline Merkins
7 Minutes AMRAP
(McNugget completed maybe 3-4 Rounds, but got in at least 10,000 Words)

Chaser AMRAP
15 Lunges, run to end of walkway and back
12 Iron Cross
9 Decline HR Merkins (yep)
7 Minutes AMRAP
(McNugget still talking, proving his superior fitness level, that he could do so many reps, and still speak in complete sentences #HIM)

2min Max Inverted Row (tough)
1min Max Incline Merkins
10 Burpees

Run Back to COT

BOM: Chaser

Announcements: Please search @F3Haiti on Twitter for info on how to help send us and supplies down there to do some valuable work again this year.

Great having Baber out there with us today. Hope to see you on the regular.

#Tclaps to Deville for trying to post, however late. He left his hat on the Shovel Flag as evidence. He fell victim to the amazing disappearing Pax phenomenon that can occur at any given bootcamp at 5:30 on the dot.
See you next time, Deville.