• When: 04/07/15
  • QIC: Misty
  • The PAX: Honey Bun, Donatello, Misty

Just another misty Tuesday

Mosey to the Field
(Had to call an audible and mosey around to the other side because we couldn’t find the key…anyone?)

64 SSH-64 represents all the points YHC’s Blue Devils needed to beat the cheese heads(they scored 63)
20 Windmills
15 Thru the tunnel
10 Little arm circles
5 big arm circles

YHC chose to give the pax another dose of circuits and strive for a faster speed. Alternate two exercises paired together starting with 10 reps of each. Drop 1 rep each time and work your way down to 1 (total of 55 for each).
1st circuit-Merkins & big boy sit-ups
2nd circuit-Decline Merkins & LBCs
3rd circuit-Shoulder taps & V-ups
4th circuit-Peter parkers & crab jacks

Mosey to the field (another audible bc the sprinklers were on…lame excuse I know, so we used the track instead)

Burpee suicides
Start at the goal line and sprint 10 yards and back do 1 Burpee
20 yd line and back-2 Burpees
30 yd line and back-3 Burpees
40 yd line and back-4 Burpees
50 yd line and back-5 Burpees

Five minutes left for Mary(eh maybe 1 minute)
people’s choice
15 LBCs
15 Russian Twists
15 Ankle Taps

Mosey to the top


Convergence at Jumanji Saturday due to Mud Run
Work day at Nehemiah camp coming again soon-see Misty or Estrada for details

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