• When: 04/07/15
  • QIC: Chinstrap
  • The PAX: Notebook, Hotspot, Treadmill, Candy Stripe, Fast Casual, Boo, FNG- Road Salt, Pearl, Conseco, Granola, Higgins, Cheech, Swanson, Wapner, Chinstrap

Having signed up to Q weeks back and also HC’ing to run Stride-lite prior to the 5:00 beatdown, YHC questioned his luck when he woke up this morning and heard rain drops on the roof.  After a quick view of the radar, YHC knew he was going to get wet this gloomy morning and the only question remaining was how many faithful PAX weren’t skeered of a little rain.  The last time YHC Q’ed Turning Point back in June it was a down pour and only 2 other PAX posted, 1 was a traveler supporting YHC.  Obviously YHC was pleased to see cars start to roll in at 4:50 and continue to show up until the disclaimer.

As with his previous 6 Q’ing opportunities, YHC choose one lucky PAX that could stop the workout at any time of his choosing up until the last 10 minutes.  At that time, YHC would inform the PAX of the special exercise and after performing it, would continue on where they left off.  Since FNG’s are seldom, the last PAX to arrive is usually “the choosen one” but luckily Fast Casual continued his EH’ing skillz and brought another FNG with him today.  TClaps to Fast Casual.

CONDITIONS:  Light rain but perfect in every way

DISCLAIMER:  Chinstrap


Slow Mosey counter-clockwise around school to the front.  Circle up for COP.
SSH x15 ic
IW x15 ic
Windmill x15 ic
TTT x15 ic
LBAC x 20 (10 forward/10 backward)
BBAC x20 (10 forward/10 backward)

Continue Mosey around school to covered walkway.
-Each PAX assume Peoples Chair position on pillars.
-Back 2 PAX Bear Crawl to the front and assume Peoples Chair position on next open pillar.
Continue in this fashion until all PAX have Bear Crawled. (YHC apologizes to Fast Casual for YHC’s slight brain malfunction.  This caused FC to do an extra Bear Crawl. Look on the bright side, you just had more #getbetter opportunities than the rest)

Continue Mosey around school to top of hill.  Partner up.
-Partner A with butt on edge of hill does 30 BBSU OYO while Partner B Amraps Mtn. Climbers while holding partner A’s feet.

PAX line up along top of hill.
-Descend hill and do 5 Squats.  Ascend hill BACKWARDS
-Rinse and Repeat adding 1 Squat for every trip down hill. Continue up to 8-10 Squats depending on time.
-Hold Low Squat until 6 is done

Mosey to base of stairs for suicides.  Due to high number of PAX and limited space on each landing, PAX choose the order in which they completed exercises.
-1st landing, Lunges x10 oyo
-2nd landing, Squats x20 oyo
-3rd landing, SSH x30 oyo
Plank at base of stairs til 6 completes

Form single file line on field just inside track for Indian Run. But…… PAX Lunged instead running and the rear PAX Bear Crawled to front.  NOTE- This is where Treadmill proved he is part Bear part Human.  Can you say FAAAASSSSSTTTT.

Half way through the above mentioned Indian Run, the FNG decided it was time for my not-so-secret exercise……
-Flutter Kicks x94 ic (crowd pleaser)

Mosey to playground for a modified version of Dealer’s Choice.
-Each PAX took turns calling out an exercise.  The other PAX did said exercise Amrap while the Caller ran to the “sliding hanging bar thingy” (should have been there) and attempted to make his way across without touching the sand.  Great effort displayed here.  YHC also thinks some PAX were practicing their dance moves as they slid from platform to platform (again, you should have been there.  Quite the site to see).  YHC cant remember all the exercises called out but they included: 6”, Merkins, Over Head Hand Claps, Hello Dolly’s, Flutter Kicks, LBC’s.

Circle up for about 8 minutes of Mary.  She included:  6”, 45 deg, 90 deg and other variations of these.

Mosey back to parking lot for COP.

COT:  Chinstrap

-Remember Dunphy’s Mother-In-Law and family.
-Mudrun this Saturday.  All AO’s closed except non mudders converging at Jumanji.
-Encouraged PAX to “travel” to other AO’s.  It’s awesome to get to know other Brothers.

BOM:  Notebook

DEVOTION:  Treadmill

Moleskin:  YHC, like a lot of us, can get in the habit of posting to his “home AO” on a regular basis and not getting out to visit other AO’s.  Each time YHC has cashed in his travel vouchers and journeyed elsewhere, he has returned home with more souvenirs than he deserves.  This was YHC’s 2nd trip to Turning Point.  Both times in a Q’ing role.  As mentioned above, YHC was blessed to see 15 PAX posting today.   If you haven’t had an opportunity to get some 1st and 2nd F with these men, you’re missing out.   The way Mr. EH himself, Fast Casual, is EH’ing, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Turning Point’s #’s continue to rise into the upper teens or higher on a regular basis.  TClaps to all.   Thanks for letting me lead you men this morning.

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