• When: 6/18/15
  • QIC: JJ
  • The PAX: Higgins (respect), Fast Casual, Hot for Teacher, Wapner, Nailpop, Treadmill, Blowout, Slim Jim, Boo, JJ


10 pax bested the #fartsack this AM to come out the earliest AO in Lexington and #getbetter. With YHC having his VQ at Turning Point he had to default to hill work….right? You would be incorrect, YHC decided to go with a more stationary workout and below is how it all went down.

Weather: 80 and just a smidge humid

Disclaimer & Prayer

The Thang

Mosey over to the brick pile and grab a pair.




Windmills x15IC

LBAC x15IC (front & back)…..hold ’em up (there may or may not have been 16 going forward. YHC will go under the hood and check the replay later today)

OH Claps x15IC

Tabata (20sec work, 10sec rest, 8 rounds)

Round 1 – Overhead squats w/ bricks

Round 2 – LBCs

Round 3 – Merkins

Round 4 – Track

Round 5 – Curls for the Girls

Round 6 – Flutter Kicks

Round 7 – Lunges w/ bricks

All you got to the end of the field and back

Alphabet Soup – on your 6, start with legs 6″ off ground, don’t put them down until you have completed “writing” all 26 letters with legs together.





Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. -Proverbs 3:5

Situations such as the loss of a job, a sick child, or the death of a loved one present challenges to our faith where we may find it hard to trust God.  Of course we know on an intellectual basis that we should trust God.  However, when our backs are up against the wall, when we don’t know what to do next, or when we feel like giving up, the practical aspects of trusting God can be difficult.

We may think, “Sure, I am trusting God.”  But can we truly trust God and worry about the outcome at the same time?  When we panic, there is something inside us that is screaming, “This is wrong!”  We may not want to admit it, but in these moments we are not trusting God.  We feel that something is wrong and it needs to be corrected, immediately!

Usually, after we have spent much time and energy, we come to grips with what happened.  We may not like it but we end up seeing God’s goodness in the situation.  Our testimony becomes, “God brought us out.  He is our deliver.”

When we are experiencing trying situations, what if we could fast forward in our minds to that place where we come to grips with our situation and we trust God?  What if we, in the midst of our circumstances, decide that we are going to trust God AND NOT WORRY about the outcome?  That would be great, you may be thinking.  But how do we get there.

The answer is found in the second part of the scripture; “lean not unto thine own understanding.”  The reason we worry and panic is because, according to our understanding, the situation is wrong and it is bad.  It does not make sense to our understanding when “wrong” and “bad” things happen to us, particularly if we are God’s children.

Part of our problem is that we do not see the big picture, but God does.  We cannot begin to understand how the loss of an innocent life could be part of God’s plan, or how broken relationships and heartache are part of God’s purpose for our lives.  The truth of the matter is, we may never understand.  We are not asked to understand God, we are asked to trust Him.


Excellent effort by all of the pax this morning. I know everyone was disappointed we didn’t have time to hit the track for one last round, but YHC will get his timing down before his next visit. It’s always nice to get over to TP. This is a great AO with a great group of men that always make the trip to the eastside worthwhile. It was suggested that we add some tunes to this WO so I will see what I can do if/when I break it out again. Thanks for the opportunity to lead today and I look forward to making it back soon. If you haven’t been to TP, you really should find some time to get over there. This group has strong 2ndF and they welcome all.


6/27 Crucible

7/4 Convergence at Turning Point

7/10&7/11 GORUCK Tough & Light

8/1 Sweet Baby O 5k

8/14-16 F3 Dads Camp

8/29 Stomp the Swamp & Convergence at BY

9/10-11 BRR

11/14 Lexington Half

Prayer Requests

Continue to pray for Walker & the Phillips family

Slim Jim’s friend’s child passed away last night. Keep family in your prayers

Pray for the families & friends who lost loved ones last night in Charleston

Muggy Tape’s 2.0

Pax on the IR and/or returning back to bootcamps


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