• When: 2019-06-20
  • QIC: Jam and Juice
  • The PAX: Paper Jam, Trickle, CDV, Brita, Heehaw, Tubbs, Drisocket, DitchWitch (FNG), Navy Bean (R), Po, Kendoll, Lumbergh, Juice

Jam and Juice at CAT

Drisocket challenged the pax of the Westside to step up and co-Q at CAT for the month of June.  YHC could think of no other pax than Paper Jam to Q with.  Mainly because no matter how bad my part of the Q was it was almost guaranteed to be superior to anything he would do.  I’m just kidding.  Not really.  13 pax met in the darkness of CAT with one FNG and one pax from F3 St. Simons.  Below is what went down.

74 and humid.  Sand gnats aplenty.


We slowsied to the practice field for COP lead by Jam
Imperial Walker x 15
TTT x 15
Windwill x 15
SSH x 25
Merkins x 10

Lined up on the Goal line
Shuffle to opposite goal line
Plank 2 minutes, 10 merkins
Next Jam called butt slappers to the 50, high knees to the goal line
10 merkins, 1 minute plank, 10 merkins
Karoake back across, 10 merkins and plank 1 minute.
Bearcrawl back to goal line.
More merkins. and hydraulics. I think 10 of each

Jam turned it over to Juice

Partner up and get a big tire and put at the goal line.
25 dips on the tire
Partners flip tire out 25 yards and back.
25 dips, 20 incline merkins
Partners wheelbarrow out 25 yard and flapjack back to goal.
25 dips on the tire, 20 incline merkins, 15 decline merkins
Partners flip tire out 25 yards and back.
25 dips, 20 incline merkins, 15 decline merkins, 10 burpees
Partners wheelbarrow out 25 yard and flapjack back to goal.

Return tires and come circle back up near goal line for MARY (all IC and x 15)|
Gas Pumps
Shoulder taps
Flutter Kicks

Mosey back to flag for BOM

Cheech convergence tomorrow at Riverbluff
Pool party at the Kompound this Saturday from 10 or 11 til whenever.

Prayer Request:
Bates family
The Brita family as they put down family pet.  His girls especially.
Guys on the Star course this week, Drisocket, Moist, TrackHoe, Brita of Ambush

Dustin Langenhiezen??? >> 29 >> Landscaping and Real estate>> Irrigation >> PHD >>Ditch Witch


A couple weeks ago a snake was on the back porch.  It was pouring rain and I thought he was just trying to keep from drowning.  But I didn’t want him on the porch.  I scarred him off the porch.  Latter on that evening I saw him curled up on the gutter.  I ran him off and actually picked him up with the shovel and carried him to the pond.  Just a little rat snake so no big deal.
Two days latter he is back on the porch.  And we know why.  We have a pair of birds that have a nest with two baby birds preparing to leave.  The snake is there to eat.
At that point my M insist that the snake has to go.  But when I went out it quickly got off the porch in the shrubs.
Latter that night.  Pitch black.  I hear a tapping at the window.  The momma bird is freaking out. Shes needing help.  I flip on the light and there is the snake again.  Same thin happens when I open the door.  He dives off the porch in the shrubbery.
Next night.  Rinse and repeat.  Snake is there at the same time but avoids me.
At that point I know he will be back the next night.  I get a plan together.  I need my M to help.
Next night.  Same thing.  He’s back.  But before rushing out, we get a plan together.
Now it didn’t go exactly as planned but we did get the snake.  And it was a coordinated effort.

Through that ordeal I was thinking how I hate snakes and that they are the devil.  I thought about it and the snake could really be a symbol for sin.  Sin creeps into our life and its easily brushed off as no big deal.  But when it becomes a big deal (and it will) its hard to shake.  It takes effort.  It takes a plan.  It takes help from someone you trust.  In our group there are plenty of guys to talk to.  If you have sin in your life that you cannot shake.  Reach out to a brother.  Ask for help.  Get a plan.  And kill that snake.