• When: 2019-06-20
  • QIC: Devito
  • The PAX: Noodle, Laettner, Arrears, Stagecoach, Pothole, Moose, Chubbs, Prairie Dog, Lumbergh, Milk Man, Box Wine, Whitney. A few cotters and one respect amongst these manly men....

Its My Party and I’ll Bear Crawl If I Want To

Disclaimer of 5 seconds appropriately given at 5:29:55

Workout begins promptly at 0530


SSH – IC – 15

10 Merkins OYO

Imperial Walkers – IC – 15

5 Burpees OYO

All PAX confirmed they were officially warmed up….

Native American Run around small loop to block pile – everyone grab a block and heads to field 2


The Thang:

Groups of 3 (one group of 4 because math) – Split up in two lines facing each other roughly 29.484 yards apart.

One member of said team will exercise across said distance while stationary teams perform exercise, and rotate when said traversing member reaches them.  Each team member had to traverse two times prior to moving on to the next set of exercises.

1.)  Burpee Broad Jump Across while one side does Shoulder Presses, other side Squats w/ block

2.) Lunges Across while one side Big Boys while other does merkins

3.) Broad Jump Across while one side does LBC other does flutter kicks

4.) Bear Crawl Across while one side does monkey humpers, other side curls for the…. GIRLS (PS – Pothole’s speed when Bear Crawling has not diminished since he moved)


Teams looks tired so Q took it upon himself to give the men a break….  To the Playground!


10 pullups

20 merkins

30 Squats


Mosey around half of the soccer fields and back to blocks

One member bear crawls dragging/progressing/chunking blocks as they go to the other side.  One side squat jumps, other LBC’s (i think, maybe curls, this happens when you don’t plan in advance, take note kids, failing to plan is planning to fail).

Return blocks to their respective positions and then all PAX are called to the parking lot for Mary

Freddy Mercury’s IC x 36 (happy birthday to me)

Flutter Kicks

American Hammers

Russian Twists


Iron Crosses


Some other Mary items that Q has forgotten, i have failed you, i am sorry, 10 exercises in total


Devito Birthday, Devito Out