• When: 2019-06-18
  • QIC: Soaker
  • The PAX: Zoloft (rename), Cowbell, Bing, Lego, Doo-Dah, Taurasi (R), Coon Dog, Big Box, Cheers, Muggy Tape, Soaker

Soaker Q: Conation and Lamination

Bing led 8 PAX at The Rock, Lego was the lonely SL rep, and 11 PAX showed up for BC.
The early 17th century Latin vocabulary had a word…conari’…which means to try. The men of Shawshank took that up a notch and exercised their full conation which means to exercise one’s mental faculty or will to perform an action. Conation is a synonym to volition which is the word Cheers threw out to the group last week. Shawshank men exercise their bodies, and expand their vocabulary, ITG on a weekly basis. Each man pushed themselves and glistened with the sweet sweat of betterment (stolen form Coon Dog).

Conditions: 70˚, high humidity
The Thang:

Mosey to the nearest field which was our home for 40 minutes.
Warmup Exercises:
Side straddle hop x 20 IC
TTT x 20 IC
LBAC’s x 10 IC (forward and reverse).
Partner up on the sideline of the field:
CLAM-DIP-SODA? Nope, this was our BS-PMS workout. Each partner group was kindly supplied with a laminated copy of the weinke:

P1 backpedals to the nearest light pole, does one Bobby Hurley, and jogs back to P2 who is doing an exercise. Partners switch up until all reps have been completed.

Burpees x 100
Squats x 250
Peter Parkers x 200 (two-count)
Merkins (hand release) x 150
Sit-ups (big-boys or lbc’s) x 200

Mosey back to shelter area:

25 dips OYO
Iron Cross x 20 IC
Flutter Kicks x 20 IC
Shed Angels x 20 IC – thanks to Doo-Dah for breaking these out. Who needs snow angels in white fluffy powder when you can make sweaty shed angels on concrete?
American Hammers x 20 OYO
Hip Thrusters x 25 IC (no eye contact made)
Jane Fonda x 10 IC (each leg with some embellished comments)


-Runvergence at Graveyard, in honor of Cheech, at 5am – Friday, June 21
-Ryan Rawl Memorial Event – July 4 at the Statehouse

Prayer Requests:

-Big Box’s uncle diagnosed with colon cancer
-Lego’s church hosting 2,000 kids for VBS
-Bing’s sister – biopsy


Written by Soaker and posted on his behalf