• When: 2018-09-20
  • QIC: Moist
  • The PAX: Ken Doll, Moist, Lego, Cheers, Ponzi, Coon Dog, Cow Bell, Buzz Saw (R), Bronze Derby, Dunphy, Hash & Rice, Tarjay, Milk & Cookies, Elmers

It’s sand…. In a bag.

One of the best AOs YHC has ever had the privilege to lead is Shaw Shank. Not because of the location or layout, but because the men that meet there. The commitment to F3 principals and standards by these HIMs is why YHC rates this AO so high.

Conditions: 70s and humid… Perfect for sweating and beat downs.

5:30 GO TIME!

Welcome and disclaimer

No FNGs so lets pray it up and roll it out!

Follow YHC on a mosey around the running trail.

Mumble Chatter about needing some SSHs and TTTs could be heard, so what the PAX want…. The PAX get.

Circle up on the back soccer field

SSH x 10 IC

TTT x 10 IC

IW x 10 IC

LBAC x 10 IC

LBAC x 10 IC (reverse)

Follow YHC on another mosey back to the SF

Hmmmm…. What do we have here in the back of YHCs truck?…

FUN BAGS! (There really just 25lbs sandbags with duct tape, but don’t tell Dunphy. He still thinks they are actually filled with fun.)

Each PAX grabs a bag and carries it for the remainder of the WO. *DISCLAIMER* If the bag touches the ground you owe 25 burpees.

Of course Uncle Ron immediately drops the bag…. Imagine that.

Alternating OHC following YHC on a mosey around Shank.

First stop

C4G x 20 OYO

OHP x 20 OYO

Head to the stairs

calf raises x 20 OYO

Alternating OHC following YHC for some more mosey.

Second Stop

C4G x 30 OYO

OHP x 30 OYO

Circle up and pass the bag to the PAX on the right. (This group of men completely out preformed the men at Crypt on this. T-Claps for not pulling a Crypt… or Crypting it I guess you could say.)

More Mosey and more OHCs back over to the shelter area.

find some wall for some perfect form peoples chair time.

A little bit of over the head was then done

And a little bit of hold it out in front was then done

Mosey and OHCs again

Third Stop

C4G x 40 OYO

OHP x 40 OYO

Head to the stairs

Calf raises x 40 OYO

Mosey and alternating OHC again

Forth Stop

C4G x 50 OYO

OHP x 50 OYO

drop the Fun Bags into YHC truck.

a short mosey out to the soccer fields and back

Moist Merkins x 5 IC

25ish Burpees shared by the PAX


9/22 Smokehouse Event (Never forget Challenge)

9/27 Rocking Chair 60th

11/03 Capital City Ruck

11/10 Cheech 10k

11/17 Harry Bison

12/01 Wildcat

12/14 Christmas Party

01/06 Harbison 50k



Squatter has blot clots and surgery

Injured PAX

Flood victims