• When: 2017-12-14
  • QIC: Babe
  • The PAX: Belding, Happy Trees, Swayze, Nub, Hollywood, Doodle, Urkel, Babe

“It’s not you, It’s me.”

YHC has noticed a pattern developing over his last few Q’s.  There are some pax choosing the fartsack over posting to YHC’s Q. YHC has been told this has nothing to do with the Q but things like runny noses and hurt feet are keeping pax in the sack. But this sounds a lot like the old “it’s not you, it’s me” line YHC used to get in high school. Anyhoo YHC was thankful for the 8 pax that posted.

Conditions: 38 degrees Windchill 28 degrees and so clear you could see the awesome meteor shower.

Disclaimer and Prayer

Mosey throughout campus doing a PCMB at every light pole. Stop at one end of the roundabout. SSH x15 IC run to the other end. TTT x 15 IC run to other end. Windmills x 15 IC run to other end. Imperial Walkers x 17 IC run to other end. LBAC’s forward x15 IC run to other end. LBAC’s backward x 15 IC. Mosey to softball hill continue to do PCMB at light poles.

5 Powerjacks at top of hill run down to the first of the freshly installed speedbumps 5 Powerjacks back to the top 5 Powerjacks back down to the second speedbump 5 Powerjacks back up to the top 5 powerjacks back down to bottom of hill 5 powerjacks back to the top 5 powerjacks. Plank and wait on the 6.

Rinse and repeat doing merkins.

Mosey to Island planter PCMB at light poles on the way.

10 step ups each leg. Bear crawl around planter. Heeltap V ups 5. LBC’s x 10 IC.         5 1/2″ until time is called.

Name o rama

Prayers and Announcements: Julia Shealy, Heyward Bouknight, Unspoken requests.

1/1/18 New Year Convergence Lexington High School

1/6/18 F3 Saluda Launch