• When: 2017-09-28
  • QIC: Juice
  • The PAX: Pennyworth, Pigpen, Meter, Tutu, Juice

Its Grinder time again.

Five brave pax ventured out to Ambush this morning.  The chatter on the message board yesterday made YHC think we would have a crowd.  The fartsack must have been good this morning.  Or maybe The Grinder is too hard.  Great work by the guys that showed up.  You each pushed hard.  Thanks to Pennyworth for bringing the playlist.  Thanks to Paper Jam for letting us use the massive speaker.  Thanks for Bambi for dropping it off.  Wait a minute.  Yes thank you Bambi.  At least you posted somewhere.

Conditions: 70ish


The Thang:

“The Grinder”

There are 6 “islands” around the parking lot we meet in. Three to the left of the flag and three to the right. We will circle the parking lot stopping at each island to perform an exercise. We start at the shovel flag.

Run to island #1 and perform 21 Merkins. Sprint to # 2 and perform 21 Squats. Sprint to # 3 and perform 21 LBC’s. Sprint roughly 150 yards to # 4 and perform 21 Merkins. Sprint to # 5 and perform 21 Squats. Sprint to # 6 and perform 21 LBC’s. Sprint roughly 60 yards back to the shovel flag. Perform 1 burpee. You have completed 1 lap.

Rinse and Repeat until time is called, adding 1 rep per exercise per lap. Every lap is roughly 1/4 mile. Second lap would be 22 of each and 2 burpees.



Meter 8+ laps

Pig Pen 7+ laps

Pennyworth 8+ laps


Tutu 7+ laps

Juice 9 laps



– 9/29/17: Tail gate at the RBHS vs. LHS football game starting at 6:00 pm.
– 10/3/17: AO Launch at New Providence Elementary, 5:15 am.
– 10/5/17: AO Launch at Deerfield Elementary, 5:00 am.
– 10/10/17: AO Launch at Rocky Creek Elementary, 5:15 am.
– 11/11/17: Cheech 10K: https://www.lexingtonhalf.com/pages/race-10k.php
– 12/15/17:  F3/Fia Christmas Party