• When: 2017-09-27
  • QIC: Stay Puff
  • The PAX: Nub, Shankapotomus, Parks and Rec, Honcho, Urkle, Stay Puff

Encouragement Hollywood… From His Yard

6 Pax arrived at the Tooster ready to get better and that’s what we all did. After some chatter about Apple and Amazon we were ready to hit the streets. Parks and Rec was less than enthusiastic about running but run he did. Tclaps! It was nice to hear whispers of encouragement from Hollywood’s estate along the way. We even managed to escape the wrath of a non-runner driving angrily down N Lee St.

Conditions: Basically perfect



The Route

The 2 ruckers found a neighbor to explore down Georgia Ave.

The runners paced down College then a right on Bernard St. After taking a left on Hwy 23 we turned right at Hollywood’s and then a left on Hwy 1. We then to a right and ran the Daniel St loop, reversing course only to take the right onto Crosson. We followed Crosson and then turned left to charge Long Terrace. Several different routes emerged from this point as some went left on Bernard and others right. We made it back after a loop around the park.