• When: 2019-08-13
  • QIC: Chum Lee
  • The PAX: Grout, Hops, Tinkle, Brick Bat, Rah Rah, Hot Stick, Chum Lee

It happened in Greenville

I visited Greenville a few months ago and attended a “Main Thang” Q.  Great group of guys up there and some nice hills to enjoy. YHC brought it to the Tomahawks and it went a little something like this…

 Conditions:  77 hot, humid, muggy, miserable degrees

One Minute Warning



 The Thang:  Take one lap to the rock and mosey to the benches.  Perform ten box jumps and ten side lunges to the left.  Perform an additional ten box jumps along with ten side lunges to the right.  

Mosey to court yard and (1) perform 11’s with incline merkins and hip thrusters (2) perform 11’s with decline merkins and left legged hip thrusters  (3) perform 11’s with BB sit-ups and right legged hip thrusters

Mosey to front of gym.  For the remaining fifteen minutes, the Pax will have: 50 merkins, 50 MCs, 50 squats, 50 LBCs, 50 burpees.  Time will be divided into three minute intervals. When the buzzer rings signifying the end of a three minute period, Pax will stop and take a lap to the rock and return.  Upon return, pick up where you left off while the clock continues to run.  

 Mosey to Flag



Announcements:  Run Group meets at 5:15 in Bus Loop, sign-up for Iron Pax as we will participate Tuesdays in September 

 Prayer Requests:   Our country, those affected by shootings


  • Nice work by all considering weather conditions  
  • Kudos to Grout for finishing early and then joining other Pax as they finish – a true HIM
  • Glad to have Rah-Rah back from vacation and Brick Bat defeating the fart sack – we are better when you are with us