• When: 2019-08-13
  • QIC: Devito
  • The PAX: Darla, Fools Gold, Stagecoach, Laettner, Soft Toss (r), Lumbergh, Boxwine, Coppertone, Tramp Stamp, Whitney, Lunchable, Chubbs, Shredder, YHC

We are all champions for posting, but I am the Uno Champion, who likes burpees

Starting Things off right at 0529 with a 1 minute warning…..

0530 – Go Time – Disclaimer given, witnesses can attest

Warm Up (if you call if that)

SSH – IC x 10

10 Burpees

SSH – IC x 10

9 Burpees

SSH – IC x 10

8 Burpees

SSH – IC – x 11 (I like to push things next level)

7 Burpees

SSH – IC x 10

6 Burpees

SSH – IC – 10

5 Burpees

Amazing how quickly the mumble chatter dies down when we start off with burpees…..  But I am a man of the people, and didnt go all the way down to 1, mainly because had more I wanted to get to.  Mosey to bottom of the hill and back, grab a block and return to the hallowed grounds of the parking lot

The Thang

20 squats with block over your head (instructions were given to not drop on your head, not for your health, but because Neckbrace just bought those blocks with his construction mortgage, want to make sure we don’t waste)

40 Monkey Humpers

20 Squat Thursters

It should be noted that the shortest train in Depot history made a nice drive by during the last thrusters, YHC was going to have the men drop for duration for our traditional burpee train, but train was gone by the thrusters ended, so men did a ceremonial single burpee for our homey, the train


Mosey to Bottom of Hill and Back

Lunge Walk across parking lot and back

Bear Crawl one length of parking lot

run backwards back to block

Duck Walk across parking lot

Bear Crawl back across parking lot

run backwards across the lot

Grab Block – head to the track that formerly hosted the Arrears 500 in a prior life, we will do what we can to keep the magic alive under the moonlight, but remember, rubbing is racing, and finishing first doesn’t necessarily make you a winner, like at…. nevermind

Cusack block around track.

When you cannot hold block any longer above your head in a locked arm position (some cheaters are out there, they know who they are, but they are only cheating themselves), put block in grass and knock out 10 burpees, 10 Iron Crosses, and 10 big boys.  Run lap around the track until you get back to your block and continue.

T Claps to Chubbs and Stagecoach for thinking that if they carried their block all the way around the track (a la Arrears and Turkey Burger) that they didn’t have to do the 10/10/10, they were wrong… and as a famous sign on Johnson Marina Rd reminds me daily as I drive past it, “SC Legislators can’t do math” – apparently they don’t listen to instructions very well either… as Q had to remind the men that since their blocks dropped, knock out 10/10/10 and run a lap and continue forward.


Freddy Mercury – IC x 16

Rosalitas – IC x 15

Flutter Kicks – IC x 2

Recover Recover


Whaler’s Wife with our brothers at F3 Camden

Soft Toss’s wife doing better (praise)

Run Groups

Taper as needed, Kiawah coming up fast, P200 soon to follow….

Saturday BC’s at Depot have been lacking numbers, pick it up

Flag was given to Whitney for his VQ on Thursday, instructions were given not to let flag touch the ground (YHC was covering all bases)