• When: 4-2-15
  • QIC: Malfunction Junction
  • The PAX: Estrada, Chinstrap, TriDelta, Honey Bun, Harp, Julep, Donatello

Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Tunnel of Love?

Conditions: Nice, Crisp Gloom

8 PAX Beat back the fartsack to post for some Mudrun prep. It was pointed out that there are no stairs at the Mudrun. YHC doesn’t care about these minor details.

Disclaimer and prayer

Two Laps Around the Track – First Slow, Second Fast
25-FLUTTER KICKS – Snakepit favorite evidently

The Thang:

Run in Place – When YHC gave signal PAX drop for 5 Merkins – Repeat x 10

Alternate Pistons & Flutter Kicks – YHC didn’t keep count. It got warm quick though.

Tunnel of Love – With 8 PAX we quickly worked up burning shoulders. YHC estimates about 40 Yards of TOL

Mosey to BBS’s
YHC calls this Line of Fire
First PAX in line calls for exercise of choice and then run the Big Boy Stairs while PAX do AMRAP
Proceed down the line. Merkins, Six Inches, Burpees, LBC’s, BBSU’s were among the chosen Pain.

25-Flutter Kicks
30-Jane Fonda’s
25-Hip Thrusters

YHC called these exercises while trying to EH lone track runner. He didn’t heed the call.
He doesn’t know what he’s missing anyway.

Run the BBS’s
Assume the Low Squat position until all PAX return.
Rinse & Repeat

Mosey to (Invisible) Flag

The Snakepit PAX are always fun to WO with. Very good Mumblechatter kept YHC laughing. Good effort from the PAX this fine morning.


Gravedigger IR with calf/knee injury
Misty and Rooney with knee injuries
Prayer for children in community during Easter Holiday’s. Many miss meals they would normally get at school.
Liberace’s father in the hospital with heart issues
Estrada and Project Nehemiah

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