• When: 2020-02-13
  • QIC: Coon Dog
  • The PAX: Jackhammer, Soaker, Recall, 7-11, Bonsai, Notebook, Quest, Forest, Headgear, Cowbell, Lizard Man, Dr. Lovin (R), LEGO, Dunphy (R), 5 Play, Nick, Fast Casual, Utah (R), Coon Dog

I Love the Smell of Napalms in the Morning

Weather Conditions: 65°

19 Pax showed up amped and excited for a classic Cheers workout, but realized quickly they would have to temper those expectations significantly as YHC stepped into the middle of thecircle.  All in all, work was done and those choosing to do the harder this this morning were successful in meeting that goal.  As for the workout, here is how it went:

Disclaimer and Prayer

Mosey to the Block Pile and Circle Up on the near Field


SSH x25 IC
Curls x10 IC
Imperial Walkers x20 IC
Shoulder Press x10 IC
TTT x 15 IC
Tricep Extensions x10 IC
Windmills x10 IC
Shoulder to Shoulder x10 IC

Carry Blocks to the Bridge, Overhead Block Carry Across, back to regular Block Carry toward the Big Field

Line Up on the Baseline facing the 6 Big Light Poles

Light Pole Ladder

Begin at the Baseline – Run to the Light Pole
1st Light Pole – x1 Hand-Release Merkin (HRM)
Back to the Baseline – x10 Napalms
1st Light Pole x1 HRM, on to 2nd Light Pole x2 HRMs, back to 1st Light Pole x1 HRM
Back to the Baseline – x10 Napalms
Repeat Steps and add 1 additional Light Pole each set (3rdLight Pole x3 HRMs and so on)
Plank when finished

**Exercise Totals: x91 Hand-Release Merkins, x60 Napalms**

Return Blocks to the Block Pile

Bear Crawl the Bridge



02/15:​Dam 2 Dam Relay
02/15:​The Hollow – Gut Punch Saturday
02/29:​6 year F3 Lexington Convergence at Graveyard
03/21:​Habitat for Humanity – Contact LEGO if interested and for more details

Prayer Requests & Praises

Headgear and Notebook’s neighbor recovering from scary situation involving a pond drain
Notebook’s coworker’s daughter recovering from gunshot wounds
Notebook’s former coworker’s daughter recovery from health issues due to car accident
13 year old from Greenville, David, recovering from serious head injury
Faye Swetlik, the 6 year old girl missing from Cayce
Raft’s M
Ponzi continued recovery
Big Box’s coworker’s family
Dear Diary serious health issues


Devo:  “Hard times create strong men.  Strong men create good times.  Good times create weak men.  And, weak men create hard times.”

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