• When: 2020-02-13
  • QIC: Sunday Driver
  • The PAX: Booster; Quisenberry; Pickaxe; Buttermaker (R); Conseco; Boo (R); Granola (R); Little Giants; Tater; Wapner; Sunday Driver

Rise of the Merkivator

Morning began with what looked as if only 5 of us were going to be doing the work, then 5 more showed with a minute to go with 1 late bloomer.  Windy and a little damp but no Pax were ready for what was about to be coming their way shortly.  A wonderful new exercise YHC created:  The #Merkivator.  It was a nice long winded exercise that worked the torso and legs in one grueling 8 minute joy ride.  By the end, all Pax were “ecstatic” and “overjoyed” at being the first to be apart of what I’m sure will be a new Turning Point exercise.

Conditions:  Windy and damp 63 degrees
The Thang:
Disclaimer – Prayer
Warm Up
TTT x10 IC
Windmill x10 IC
OHC x15 IC
Raise the Roof x15 IC
Mosey to the parking lot
The Merkivator is born
This is a merkin/motivator hybrid; after finishing a set of motivators, do a merkin.  As the motivator count decreases in number, the merkin count begins increasing in number.  Shreds the calf’s and arms – excellent choice for some quality mumble chatter.
Motivators x10 (220 SSH)
Merkins x10 (55 total)
Mosey to block pile for cinder blocks
-Head to track and PAX chose a partner of equal athletic ability and a tree of their liking that places them a desired distance from the hill
Begin Hill Top extravaganza:
1 partner begins block exercises while the other runs to the hill and runs up it backward for a set of exercises at the top of hill and switches out partner till 150 reps are reached.
150 Curls for Girls while partner does 5 jump squats at top of the hill
150 Overhead Chest Presses while partner does 10 LBC’s at top of the hill
150 Tricep Lifts while partner does 5 squats at top of the hill
Returned cinder blocks
Mosey back to flag for some Mary
Captain Thor x10 OYO
Scissor Kicks x10 IC
LBC’s x15 IC
Boat Canoe 1 min. IC
Time Called
COT and Name O’Rama
Convergence at Graveyard Sat. Feb 29th
Dam to Dam tomorrow Feb 14th
Prayer Requests:
Faye Swetlik – missing, Molly Shealy – leukemia, Granola’s Aunt Jan, Dear Diary, Corbitt, Don – pneumonia recovery
Closing Prayer
Psalm 119: 105 Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path
Spoke to the PAX about a story close to my family that could have been a tragic one but because of the small contributions of many and one large contribution of an amazing person, saved the life of a wife and mother.  Many had heard of it through the news of the Lexington firefighter who gave part of his kidney to save a friends and neighbors life.  My family helped contribute to the families involved to allow a place for family members to come and stay during the recovery process.  It was a small part that led to an amazing story and encouraged PAX members that even the smallest of things like a smile or encouraging words can help bring some ones situation a bit of light that makes their story amazing also.


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