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HUMID SC workout at Shawshank

Shawshank lived out all 3 F’s this morning. 4 PAX showed up for the Rock. We kicked off a discussion of a book titled “Seal of God”.  If you want to know more than the title, show up. You won’t be disappointed.

10 PAX braved the weather forecast, beat the fartsack, and put in solid work and engaged in a hearty level of mumblechatter. Lego was vest-on, vest-off. Coon Dog kept me confused by changing the count. Lizard Man never complains and just puts in the work. Ramrod was solid and gave a lesson on the proper pronunciation of small towns throughout SC. Doc Lovin’ outran the spoonful today and was still able to make it to the family roadster without a limp at the end of the day. Cheers, well, Cheers was the inspiration for this workout. How could I sink lower than CLAM-DIP-SODA? I made every effort and now it’s up to the gang to hand out the trophy.

Weather – raining on one side of the shelter, dry on the other. Humid, humid, humid.

Disclaimer / No FNG’s / Prayer

Mosey approximately 15 feet and circle up.

Slaughter starter – 20 burpees. This was so much fun.

SSH – 25 IC

10 burpees

LBAC – 10 IC (forward and backward)

TTT – 12 IC

The Thang:

H – hand release merkins – 50. Jog lap around the first parking lot island and Al Gore for the 6. 5 burpees when all PAX return.

U – ummmm, dips – 50. Jog lap around the first parking lot island and Al Gore for the 6. 5 burpees when all PAX return.

M – merkins (25) followed by 75 monkey humpers. No eye contact, social distancing required. Jog lap down to second parking lot island and back. No names mentioned…those in their teens went to the first island and lapped it twice. 5 burpees when all PAX return.

I – iron cross – 100. Jog lap around all parking lot islands and back.

D – dark webs. 1 merkin followed by 2 raise the roofs, 2 merkins and 4 raise the roofs…continue the pattern until 10 merkins and 20 raise the roofs were completed.

S – squats – 100. Pretty sure we only lapped the first island.

C – crunches, little baby crunches – 100. Lap the first island and return. 10 burpees when all PAX returned.

Thus ends HUMID SC. We had time for 10 more burpees and then 20 step ups (each leg) before time was called.

This was a well thought out workout.


Announcements: Saturday at CAT – 6am.

Shawshank BRR team still interviewing candidates. If you are interested in an audition, contact Knozit. You will not be turned away.

Safe run and Gauntlet – dates to be determined.

Prayer requests: America, families, marriages.

Coon Dog – co-worker’s brother-in-law off the vent following COVID. Still recovering.

Ramrod – son surgery on collarbone…following surgery on his thumb earlier this week.

Praise: Doc Lovins’ grandfather graduated to his prize. 99 yrs old and lived a good life. Comfort needed for the family but praise knowing he has heard well done, good and faithful servant.


Devo: Proverbs 18:22 – He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.

Men, thank God for the M given to us. My wife and I hit the 25 year mark tomorrow and I know I am blessed beyond words. Love your M like it’s the last day you have together. If you don’t have an M, pray for one who loves the Lord and you will be blessed too. As men, we have many responsibilities but none more important than taking care of, protecting, providing for, and loving the M with all our hearts.

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