• When: 2019-01-05
  • QIC: Deadstick (R)
  • The PAX: Netflix, Bionic (R), POTUS (R), Wrecking Ball (R), Breaker-Breaker (R), Chum (R), Copay (R), Fast Casual, Weekend Special, Bulldog, Rebar, Overnight, Utah (R), Dance Machine, Whisper, Dirty Bird (R), Toe Ring, Bar Maiden, Deadstick (R)

Happy New …. @Boneyard

Conditions: Clear and a windy 46 degrees.

The Thang:

  • No FNG’s
  • Disclaimer
  • Prayer

Warmup – It was the first Saturday of the New Year so YHC decided to recognize that by spelling out “Happy New Year” with exercises from the Lexicon, and alternating the repetitions between 20 and 19.

  • Through the Tunnel-20 IC. These were done “Tinkle style”, Fully erect, clapping behind the back. The mumblechattter flowed after that remark throughout the BC. 🙂
  • Windmill-19 IC
  • We then started spelling out HAPPY NEW YEAR with:
    • H” – Hairy Rockettes-20 IC (Look ’em up!)

Knowing the walkabout would be tight on time, we wandered over to the block pile and get a block, brick or bricks. We stopped every 0.2 miles (roughly) to do an exercise:

  • 0.20 miles – “A”  – American Hammers – 19 IC
  • 0.40 miles – “P” – Peoples air presses – 20 IC.  Some of the PAX tried to impress us by overhead pressing their block. Good work!
  • 0.60 miles – “P” – Plank Jacks – 19 IC.
  • 0.80 miles (Bottom of Reaper Hill) – “Y” – There aren’t that many “Y” exercises and YHC needed two of them for this routine, so YHC chose the Yul Bryner as the first. The PAX did 3 Carolina Dry Docks, 3 Wide Merkins, 3 Regular Merkins, 3 Ranger Merkins, 3 Diamond Merkins, 3 Crucible Merkens and 2 Chuck Norris Merkins for a total of 20 merkins.
  • 1.0 miles (Middle of Reaper Hill) – “N” – Nolan Ryan – 9 reps on left arm and 10 on the right arm. This exercise got interrupted by a car coming down the hill, but we got enough in to get the point…
  • 1.2 miles (Almost) – Start of Spooky Trail – “E” – Elf on the Shelf – 20 IC. Some PAX complained that Christmas was done, but….. We then had some mumblechatter about whether to proceed on the Spooky Trail or head back to the block pile. The consensus was to proceed up the trail. Might have been a mistake as Dirty Bird dropped his custom painted block and it shattered into pieces! (Sorry DB!)
  • 1.5 miles (Corner of parking lot – we didn’t stop on Spooky Trail) – “W” – WWII situps 19 IC. At this time we only had 8 minutes to finish, so YHC directed the PAX to head directly to the block pile. The other exercises were supposed to be the Yurpee, E2K, Alternating Shoulder Taps and Rocky Balboa.  We ended up about 3 minutes over in time, so YHC apologized to the PAX.
  • Ended up with 2.01 miles!


  • Feb 2nd, MGC Long Run – All proceeds to USO – http://www.mgclongrun.com/

Prayer Request:

  • Praise & thanks – Deadstick’s niece is out of the Mayo Clinic after complications with recent kidney transplant.
  • Jimmy Watford and family whose son passed away.
  • Coworker of Copay who has lost vision after complications from hip replacement.

Pledge of Allegience
Lord’s Prayer
Coffeteria at Chick-fil-A