• When: 2018-12-27
  • QIC: Sully
  • The PAX: Cornwallis, Trojan, Stats (Respect), Schrute, Harper Valley, Starburst, Kiffin, Mayplant (Respect), Magellan, Sacagawea (Respect), Abacus, Snooki, Mayhem (Respect), Tweetsie, Timber, Whaler (Respect) and Skipper


Conditions: Cool

17 pax showed up in the gloom for a short run with some hills mixed in


Side Straddle Hop x 15 IC
Through the Tunnel x 15 IC
Little Baby Arm Circles x 15 IC
Mercans x 15 OYO
Big Boy Sit-ups x 15 OYO

The Thang

Chesnut Street Hill

Jog down for Mercans x 25 and Big Boy Sit-ups x 25

Partner Bear Crawls 25 yards then SSH (amrap)

Indian Run to Union Street Hill

Jog down for Wide Grip Mercans x 25 and LBCs x 25

Partner does Plank Jacks x 50 then holds plank

Mosey Run to the Ancrum Street Hill

Burpees x 5 at the bottom

Partner SSH

Standard assortment of Freddy Mercury’s, Side Planks, American Hammers, Plank Jacks, Mercans and Burpees on the way back


As always, it was an honor to lead. Keep the Hope, Love, Joy and Peace that we celebrate at Christmas going throughout the year.