• When: 2017-10-31
  • QIC: Dozer
  • The PAX: Miranda, Drysdale, Package, Geek Squad, Abner, Key Chain, Rec, Pole Dance, Katniss, Nail Pop, Escobar, Joust, Wee Wee, Dozer

Halloween Show at Surge

There is something to this F3 thing. Where else can you go in the pre-dawn darkness we know as the Gloom, encounter 13 other men, 6 of which you have never met before and know you belong? The growth of F3 in Lexington is truly remarkable. Each new AO is launched using data, demand, but largely on Faith. Sometimes that’s the 3rd F that we don’t talk much about. Having helped launch a new AO, YHC knows exactly how Wee Wee and Escobar felt (along with Ken Doll). Will anyone show up? What if no one shows up? Much like everything else in our lives, God always provides. As soon as the word went out about some new AO’s launching, YHC was reminded of all of the selfless #HIM’s that gave freely of their time to help fill the Q sheet to get us up and running. It was my turn to help out Surge. So, here’s what went down:

***Conditions: 48 with a slight breeze

***Disclaimer & Prayer


  • SSH X 15 IC
  • Squat X 15 IC
  • IW X 15 IC
  • Squat X 15 IC
  • TTT X 15 IC
  • Squat X 15 IC

Mosey to brick pile. Word has it that Surge acquired some new bricks and blocks over the weekend. Time to put them to use.

Each pax grab a pair of bricks. Mosey back over to parking lot. Divide up into two groups, separated by lanes of the parking lot.

  • 35 curls for the girls OYO. Sprint to opposite end of parking lot (approx. 120 yards) and back.
  • 35 shoulder presses OYO. Sprint down and back
  • LBC X 15 IC Forward, X 15 IC Reverse. Sprint down and back
  • OHC X 15 IC. Sprint down and back
  • With bricks, lunge all the way down to other end while doing curls for the girls.
  • On the way back, reverse lunge, while doing reverse curls.
  • Mosey to put bricks up, then mosey back to parking lot.
  • Time for a little alphabet soup
    • Using a chart with every letter of the alphabet and a corresponding exercise, the Pax will spell out either their F3 name, hospital first name, or hospital last name, whichever is longest. Run in between each station and back for your next letter. There are 8 stations set up; 1) Peoples chair – 100 second count 2) 100 wall jumps 3) 100 calf raises 4) 100 toe touches/rocky balboa’s 5) 25 Dips 6) 25 Incline merkins on curb 7) 25 Prisoner squats 8) 15 burpees.
  • Wrap up with 5 min of People’s Choice/Mary.


11/10 – Cheech Memorial 10K

12/15 – Christmas Party – Saluda River Club

Sign ups for P200 are going on. Get on a team.

See Wee Wee or Escobar to give him your Emergency Contact Info. Also consider getting a Road ID. www.roadid.com

F3ChainGang – New Mountain Biking AO started up at Harbison State Forest

***Prayer Requests

From NailPop: Youth Minister at Lexington Baptist, his father has lung cancer and has been given a year to live. Relationship between the two is not great. Pray for healing and a mended relationship.

***Devotion – Anything is Possible

Mark 9:23 “If you can?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for him who believes.” 


Thank you all for having me over. I am real excited about this AO. I got the opportunity to see some brothers I have known for a while and meet some new ones. This AO is going to do big things; it has strong leadership, a motivated pax, excellent facilities, etc. I can’t wait to get back over.