• When: 2018-11-01
  • QIC: Babe
  • The PAX: Shankopotamus (RESPECT), Urkel, Pull Out, Polecat, Happy Trees, Tongue&Groove, Matlock, Puck, Swayze, Doodle, Babe

Halloween Candy Detox

11 pax including 1 for stridelite posted this gloom to detoxify their bodies after purging on 2.0’s halloween candy. All got better. Conditions were 62 and breezy.

Disclaimer and Prayer


SSH x 15 IC

TTT x 15 IC

IW x 15IC

Windmill x 15 IC

Mosey to track. Indian run stopping every 100 meters for a HRPCMB.

Go to practice field. Cones set up 10 yards apart for 40 yards. Bear crawl from one end to the other doing 10 merkins at each cone then run a suicide. Lunge and do 10 squats at the cones then run a suicide. Crab walk do 10 shoulder taps at the cones then suicide. Rinse and repeat doing 8 reps.

Partner up and grab a block. 1 partner does 10 BBSU’s with block and overhead press Then run with block to other goal line. Partner 2 give 1 a 40 yard head start then sprints trying to catch him. Flip flop and do same thing coming back. Put up block and mosey to shovel flag.

Count o rama

name o rama

Prayers and announcements: Praise for Sarah Kate Bryant and Morgan Spradley.

11/3–Service work opportunity w/ #TheHerd

11/10 The Cheech. Register here: https://lexingtonhalf.com/pages/race-10k.php

12-7 A very Smokehouse Christmas @ Wino’s

TBD–Long Country Ruck