• When: 2018-11-01
  • QIC: Ochocinco
  • The PAX: TSpot, Glow Rod, Whittle, King James, Biggie Smalls

Bus Duty

It was early but we volunteered to workout the parking lot and get them ready for the buses.

Conditions: Nice

Mosey to the Elementary school for a warm-up

Hill Billies 20x
Imperial Walkers 20x
TTT 20x
Windmill 20x
High knees 20x
LBaC 20x
RLBac 20x
SSH 20x

Next up:
Laps with Pain-stations
Exercises at the ends and middle
2 Rounds:
Burpees 5x x2
Merkins 10x x2
BBSitups 15x x2
Squats 20x x2

Moseyed to the Middle School
2 Rounds:
Burpees 5x
Decline Merkins 10x
LBC 15x
Step-Ups 20x (10 each leg)

Indian run back to Shovel flag and finished with some Mary and a lot of Wiggle Worms.

Announcements: Service Duty Saturday at 9 am