• When: 2018-11-01
  • QIC: Bud
  • The PAX: FireDaddy, Toothpick, Flipper (R), Bud

Beating back the fun size hangover

Day after Halloween and 4 pax turned out for a classic HIIT routine.  Focus was on legs and abs because YHC’s arms had not recovered from Tuesday.  These workouts keep the pax in close proximity which is great for mumble chatter but awful for air quality.

Warm up
Mosey to front of High School
5x Burpie
20x SSH
15x Windmill

Tha Thang
The pax love it when they see Bud’s whiteboard. Not only good for drawing up X’s and O’s for Friday night, but also for Q’s. The pained look on Firedaddy’s face when we rounded the corner was terrific. Provided a quick description, cured some Bluetooth speaker technical difficulties, and we were quickly into the routine. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) goes a little somthin like this…30 seconds Hard, 30 seconds Easy, Repeat x5, take a 15 second rest, then run a lap around the front parking lot. Here is what we got thru before the bell saved the day. Looks easy, but was a beast.

Hard:    Burpie
Easy:    Monkey Humper  (actually were harder than burpies?)

Hard:    Lunge
Easy:    Wall Sit

Hard:    Squat
Easy:    Calf Raise  (gonna feel those tomorrow)

Hard:    Low Plank
Easy:    Flutter Kick

Hard:    Big Boy Sit Up
Easy:    LBC

This workout consumed all of our 45 minutes. Ran back to shovel flag. Quick COT, prayer, and everyone was speeding home to attend Elvis concert.

Praying for our kids (do this daily, men!) and for the pax that have been AWOL for a while.   If you are reading this and haven’t posted in a while, make the commitment to get back out here.  We need you as much as you need us.