• When: 2019-08-22
  • QIC: Short Haul
  • The PAX: Rebar, Double Fault, Bulldog, Shades of Grey, Head and Shoulders, Digger, Hopper(R), Midrange(R), Toe Ring, Cartwheel, Double Dribble, Breaker Breaker(R), Short Haul

Graveyard’s Fuzzy Fest

The game of lighted cones and tennis balls (henceforth dubbed Fuzzy Balls of Fury) was born at Graveyard a while back, when YHC was trying to come up with something a little different. Over the next several Q’s featuring this game, it got progressively better, and more fine-tuned. YHC thought it was high time it got brought back to its birthplace; we were not disappointed! Read on for the full run-down.

#TCLAPs to both teams this morning. They both pushed pretty hard, and the photo finish between Hopper and Digger right at the end was pretty epic!

#TCLAPs to Midrange and Double Dribble for securing the majority of the Burpee Balls for their teams; dudes have no quit in them!

Conditions: Cooler, but still muggy, muggy, MUGGY.


The Thang —

Mosey down to the field, take a lap, circle up near the stairs for warm-up

Merkins x50 OYO
SSH x40 IC
Monkey Humpers x30 IC #CrowdPleaser
TTT x20 IC
OHC x10 IC
RTR x10 IC
LBAC(rev) x10 IC

Count off in 1’s and 2’s to form two teams

Burpee Balls

Each team had a chance to earn Burpee Balls.
For the first ball (10 burpees) mosey to the wall, and hold people’s chair. The team with the last man sitting in the correct position, wins a burpee ball. Both teams killed it on this one, and tied, so both got a 10 burpee ball!

Next, the PAX were asked to hold the Merkin position just short of touching the ground. This one went down to the wire between Midrange and Double Dribble, and Dribble edging out for the win.

Lastly, the PAX were asked to hold balls to the wall. They contenders quickly fell off but again Midrange and DD emerged as the last two contestants. DD took this one again.

Fuzzy Balls of Fury

2 sets of 9 cones with tennis balls on top are arranged down a hash line around 20 yards long 50 yards from the goal line. Each ball has an exercise on it. Each team sends a PAX to fetch a ball, that PAX comes back and then the WHOLE team has to perform the prescribed exercise. The next PAX may then go and get the next ball, once the WHOLE team is done. The first team to clear all cones of balls and finish the reps is declared the winner. The Twist: Each team had the burpee balls that they earned earlier… they use those to sabotage the other team. When a PAX leaves to fetch the next ball, he can take a burpee ball and place it on the other team’s cones. At some point that team will need to remove that ball and complete the burpees.

Exercises done: Merkins, Monkey Humpers, Lunges, LBC’s, SSH’s, Lap around football field, Dry Docks, Imperial Walkers, Squats

Clean Up “Game”:
Relay down the field to pick up cones and lights. Each team sends a PAX to grab one of each, then returns. Next man goes, so on until all 9 are back to Q.

Cone Flip game:

5 cones are placed in a line on the 30. 3 cones are face up, 2 cones are upside down — advantage to the team that lost the previous game. (Team 1) Each team will form a line 30 yards away. The first PAX for each team runs to the line, turning a cone either up or down. (Team up vs. Team down). Once flipped, the PAX will sprint back to their line and tag the next PAX. Play continues until all cones are flipped either face up or down. Play stops the moment the line of cones faces the same direction or until time is called.

The twist for this game was YHC calling different methods of movement to the cones like bear crawl, broad jumps, sprints, back pedals, etc.

Team 1 prevailed when time was called with a score of 4-to-1.

Back to flag.

Announcements —
Stomp the Swamp to support RBHS CC — 8/24/19 — Sign up link, discount code F3RBXC, more info here
Jailbreak escape, 8/24/19

Prayer Requests —
Tumbler –
Achilles Recovery
School –
Kids, teachers, admins, lunch staff, custodial — anyone who has an impact on the kids
Midrange’s Cousin – Leukemia

Devo — Proverbs 25:15
        Patience can persuade a prince, and soft speech can break bones.