• When: 2019-08-22
  • QIC: Moose
  • The PAX: Roommate (R), Milkman (R), Bout Time, Darla, Stagecoach, Laettner, Fools Gold, Moose

4 Corners of Depot

Conditions: A humid 75 degrees with the tease of a slight breeze as we began to circle up.


5 Burpees OYO

LAC x10 IC

TTT x10 IC

5 Burpees OYO


YHC decided to keep this workout very basic as we welcomed Roommate back to the gloom. Pax were instructed to grab a block and gather at the top of the first entrance to Depot. From there, we began the 4 Corners of Depot.

Corner 1: Gate to the hallowed grounds of United Soccer

Corner 2: Stop sign at the main entrance

Corner 3: Far light post of the upper soccer field

Corner 4: Far light post of the soccer/handball fields

At each corner pax would do 3 exercises with 25 reps on their own. The exercises were merkins, squats, and big boys. After each corner, return to you block for 20 squat thrusters. Ends up being 100 reps of each with almost 2 miles of running. Simple but effective.


Things learned during workout:

1. Having a Fitbit slows down your pace. We should throw all watches away and we would be faster automatically as we can’t see our pace. #humblebrag

2. Fools Gold’s math skills are lacking. Good thing he is a geologist in training

3. St. Bart’s is the new go to vacation spot. Make sure to go deep sea fishing and swindle your guise of all his fish at the end of the day. Really earns you respect on the island and you are then treated like a king.

Moleskin: Appreciate all 7 guys for joining us this morning. Just remember a community is stronger when we are all invested in it. Keep pushing to have those pax you haven’t seen in a while to come back out. There are many mornings I dread that alarm going off, but the guys at Depot are the reason I continue to get up. The workouts are good, but the sense of community is what we were all created to be a part of. Life today seems so busy and makes it a struggle sometimes to feel connected, so I just wanted to thank my brothers for helping to give me that sense of community and going beyond just a workout.