• When: 2020-01-07
  • QIC: DoubleFault
  • The PAX: Rebar, Digger, Netflix, WeekendSpecial, ShortHaul, Toolbox, DanceMachine, Midrange (r), Bulldog, Hopper (r), GoodHands, Spackle (r), NatureBoy (r), BreakerBreaker (r), JoePa, DoubleFault

Graveyard Pax Get Swole

16 pax joined YHC in the gloom at Graveyard for a full-body beatdown that included block work and chasing Frisbees. Fun was had & all got better. Spackle modified.

Conditions: 42 deg and clear

The Thang

OMW, Time called, Disclaimer, Prayer

Mosey down to field to take a lap

COP (all exercises IC x 15)

  • SSH
  • TTT
  • Prisoner Squats
  • Windmills
  • LBACs (f/r)
  • Raise the Roof

Mosey up the stairs to press box and equip with blocks


  • Curls 4 Girls
  • Plank
  • One-leg merkins (x10 OYO – left/right)
  • Iron Crosses (x10 OYO)
  • Chest Press
  • Plank
  • One-leg merkins (x10 OYO – left/right)
  • Block Squat
  • Plank (r arm up/l arm up)
  • Overhead Press

Head down to field with blocks

Frisbee Scramble w/ blocks

  • Split pax into 2 teams
  • Target is soccer goal across field
  • Alternate thrower among team members
  • 5 Block Merkins before each throw
  • Winners plank – Losers 10 Iron Crosses

Farmer Carry Relay

  • Each team member will farmer carry blocks to 30 yd line
  • Waiting pax will perform (Squats, IWs, Hillbilly Walkers)
  • Winners plank – Losers 10 Iron Crosses

Frisbee Scramble

  • Target is soccer goal across field – must hit bench on sideline before throwing to goal
  • Alternate thrower among team members
  • 5 squats before each throw
  • Winners plank – Losers 10 Monkey Humpers
    • Rinse & Repeat

Mosey to press box

Wall of Fire

  • All pax – People’s Chair
  • Alternate lifting blocks (OMC)
    • overhead
    • on lap
    • out front (crowd pleaser)

Put up blocks and head to SF

Mary (w/ plank-o-rama)

  • Air Humpers
  • Plank -> Bird Dog Plank (left arm out/right leg up)
  • Plank (right arm up/left arm up)

Finish out with IWs until time called



  • 4 pax for Stridelite
  • Spackle modified by equipping himself with Legos.
  • Spackle didn’t get any LBCs today – will make up for it next time
  • T-claps to Bulldog for bringing the speaker and for the tunes (Sound & Fury by Sturgill Simpson)


  • Dam2Dam Relay
  • P200 (ShortHaul needs a man for a 6-man Ultra team)
  • Need Qs for rest of January
  • Motivate Spackle to Q this year
  • MGC Long Run (15k & 5k options) – 1 Feb – proceeds go to Columbia USO


  • Angie Diaz (RBHS) – her son-in-law passed away on New Years Eve – pray for her and the family


Cure for Worry on a Morning Run

When you can’t get out of your head, get with loving friends that will lead you back to God.

“Peace I leave with you. My peace I give you. I give to you not as the world gives. Don’t be troubled or afraid.” —John 14:27 (CEB)

I headed out to the park for my morning run. I had such a passel of worries somersaulting through my brain that I could hardly take in the sun rising behind the clouds, flushing the sky with pink, nor the daffodils opening up in brave yellow flanks on the hillside. Not for nothing did Jesus say, “Consider now the lilies.”

I was on my first loop, dreading the hill, my steps slowing, my thoughts stuck on an absurd cycle of looming destitution and feebleness, when I saw a runner in a fluorescent-green jacket coming toward me. Was that Jim? Yes, it was. A history professor and writer, he’s always got something interesting to say.

“Can I join you?” he asked.

“Please,” I said.

The next two loops flew by as we discussed the book he was writing, the class he was teaching, how our sons were doing, and just how much easier it was to run uphill with a companion.

“Thanks a lot,” I said as we parted ways. “You were just what I needed.”

“You were too,” he said. “I never go that fast by myself.”

“I’ve forgotten already what I was worrying about.”

All the way home my eyes were open to the beauty of the day. Call it endorphins, call it sunshine, I’d say friendship was my boon companion. I recalled something preacher and writer Max Lucado once said: “When you’re really down, when you’re losing faith from excessive worry, get with your loving friends. They’ll lead you back to God.”

Two loops with my pal Jim did just that.

I give thanks, Lord, for the bounce that friends always put in my step. —Rick Hamlin

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