• When: 05/14/15
  • QIC: Booster
  • The PAX: Rocking Chair, No Help, Fracture, Prancer, Buttermaker, Blindside, UglyStik, Sponge Bath, Bluescreen, Blood Hound, Pepto, Freon, Booster

Gauntlet Practice, Indian Bear crawls, and Curb Hops

Conditions: 60 and clear

Disclaimer and Prayer


13 PAX joined YHC for a perfect Thursday morning at Crypt.

Mosey parking lot to thistle field.

COP: SSH x 20 IC, Through the tunnel x 20 IC, Imperial Walkers x 20 IC, Merkins x 10 IC, Mt. Climbers x 20 IC, Arm Circles x 10 IC each way

Mosey to the field of dreams for a little Gauntlet practice. PAX started at NE corner of field with 11 big boy sit-ups, then ran to SW corner of field for 11 merkins, then ran to SE corner for 11 squats, then to NW corner for 11 LBCs, down the big hill to the parking lot for 11 more merkins, then 11 lunges each leg followed by a bear crawl up the hill and a run to the starting position. Then add one rep to each exercise each time and do it for 25 minutes.

Next, the PAX broke up into 3 groups and we did Indian bear crawls. Everyone is in upward dog position and person at the end had to bear crawl to front of line. PAX did this until each person did it three times, before it turned into an army crawl until everyone crawled under everyone. By the way the ground was soaked and the sprinklers were on the entire time we were on the Field of Dreams.

Mosey down to the parking lot for some Booster curb hops with some lunges and frog jumps thrown in to the mix.

Mosey to the shovel flag for 4 MoM with an emphasis on flutter kicks.



Gauntlet starts on Monday next week

Fish Fry tonight with Say What’s church

Prayer Requests

Continued prayers for Audra, Walker, Wyatt, and Sebastian

Continued prayers for Say What’s mother

Blue Screen’s Father-in-law

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